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Have a Memorable Zoo Animal Birthday Party at Tanganyika

Welcome to this blog, where we’re thrilled to introduce you to an unforgettable birthday party experience like no other: the Zoo Animal Birthday Party at Tanganyika Wildlife Park! Imagine celebrating your or your child’s special day surrounded by various exotic animals, all within Tanganyika’s stunning natural environment.

Tanganyika Wildlife Park stands out due to its commitment to wildlife conservation, education, and hands-on animal experiences. Also, the park is home to over 300 animals and over 40 species, providing a unique and interactive experience that truly sets it apart from other Kansas zoos. 

From feeding giraffes to swimming with penguins, Tanganyika offers guests an amazing opportunity to get up close and personal with some exotic, sometimes vulnerable, animal species.

In the coming sections, we’ll explore how Tanganyika can turn your child’s birthday into a magical adventure. With customized activities, animal encounters, and a dedicated party space designed to create a wildly different experience, Tanganyika is the place to go if you are looking for something special. 

Teenage Birthday Party Ideas in Wichita, KS: Tanganyika 

Looking for teenage birthday party ideas in Wichita? At Tanganyika Wildlife Park, we offer unforgettable zoo animal birthday party experiences that will wow even teenagers. Celebrate your teen’s special day with an array of amazing animals and exciting activities with our Safari Party package. Includes a 1.5-hour cabanalow rental, opportunities to feed the animals, and access to the splash park from memorial day to labor day. A great option for any teen animal lover looking to have a fun and memorable zoo animal birthday party in the sun.

From November to March, our Winter Birthday package offers guests a 2-hour private room rental for up to 30 guests. Your teen and up to 30 of their friends can get to meet four animals, and each attendee will be given a special gift. This is a great option for a winter zoo animal birthday party. For those winter months when there’s not much to do outside, bring the outdoors indoors and let Tanganyika make your birthday an event to remember.

We also have the Zoo to You party experience, allowing you to have four animals in your home. Imagine a penguin, a sloth, or a serval roaming around your living room. Talk about having a wild time! Your teen and their friends will be sure to have a blast getting to know 4 of our amazingly unique animals in the comfort of your home. 

Low-key Teen Options

If a birthday party is less your speed, check out some of our more low-key options for your teen’s birthday. We have a wide array of meet-and-greet options with different animals that will make your teen’s birthday fun and memorable. Whether you want a chill meet and greet with a penguin or an exciting meet and greet with a lemur, we have something that suits your teen’s wants! 

  • Penguin Meet & Greet: Get to know these adorable flightless birds up close and personal with a Penguin Meet & Greet. Our staff will teach you all about our resident penguins, and you’ll get to know each of their personalities and learn their stories. Perfect for the penguin lover in your life!
penguin encounters
Meet a penguin at Tanganyika


  • Small Cat Meet & Greet: We all know the big cats of the great outdoors, like the lion, the jaguar, and the tiger, but what about the lesser-known small cats? This meet-and-greet lets you get up close and personal with Tanganyika’s cat ambassador, an African Serval named Jade. Learn about the African Serval and all about Jade’s life at Tanganyika.
  • Lemur Meet & Greet: Is your teen a lemur lover? Then come spend some time with our lemurs. This interactive and educational experience allows your teen and their friends to take a picture with and even feed our resident red-ruffed lemurs. Learn about this rare and endangered primate species and get to know their unique personalities up close.

No matter how you choose to spend your day, Tanganyika’s zoo animal birthday party ideas are sure to make your teen’s big day one for the books. If you’re looking for teenage birthday party ideas in Wichita, Tanganyika’s got you covered. If you’re interested in booking one of these experiences for your teenage birthday party, head on over to our animal experience calendar to see what’s currently available.

Ready to throw an unforgettable party at Tanganyika? Reach out to our team so they can help you plan all the details.  

Unique Wichita Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

Are you an animal lover who is above the age of 18? If you’re looking for Wichita birthday party ideas for adults, check out what we offer at Tanganyika for the more grown-up crowd.

Twilight Tour

Experience Tanganyika in a whole new light with our Twilight Tour! This is an awesome Wichita birthday party idea for adults. As the sun sets, this interactive and unique wildlife experience combines beer and wine samples and a selection of appetizers from local restaurants with fun animal offerings such as goat and otter painting. This year’s event takes place on June 24th, so if you’ve got a June birthday, gather up your friends and celebrate with an unforgettable evening at the zoo!

Pumpkins at the Park

If you’re looking for ideas for a Wichita birthday party in or around October, consider checking out this year’s Pumpkins at the Park. It’s Wichita’s largest Halloween celebration and fun for the entire family or a group of grown-up friends! 

We’ve got escape rooms, a haunted hayride, a stage show, a cage maze, laser tag, candy stations and games, and more, including some brand-new, never before seen surprises. It’s a great idea for anyone looking to have a Wichita birthday party in October. Running every Saturday in October.  For more information and to buy tickets when they’re available, check out the event page here.

Get Your Zoo Animal Birthday Party Tickets Today

Are you looking for Wichita birthday party ideas? With so many options to choose from, Tanganyika is sure to have the perfect event or experience for your zoo animal birthday party. But, if you’re just looking for a good old-fashioned day at the zoo, a regular day at Tanganyika is also a great way to spend a birthday. 

Our tickets start at $34.99 for children and $39.99 for adults for a Single Day Pass and include park admission, parking, and animal feedings. For $59.99 per adult and child, upgrade to unlimited feedings with your day pass admission, free early entry, a cup of llama and goat food, and Happy Hour at the bar from 2-4 pm. 

We also have the Best Day Bundle which gets you everything that the unlimited feeding ticket gives you, plus two animal experiences. Get your zoo tickets here.

For more on these and other Tanganyika events and news , read our blog and check out our events page.

Wichita birthday party
Have a sloth surprise the birthday guest of honor!


zoo birthday
Your Princess will have a blast at her zoo animal birthday party.

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