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The Ultimate TWP Fall Guide – Check Out Our Fall Events

Only 9 weeks left, so don’t forget to use your season pass before it’s too late and experience our fall events.


There are numerous reasons to visit Tanganyika in the fall, but here are a few of our favorites. You will hear from a few of our keepers about our fall events and why this year is our best yet. 


The animals appreciate all of their visitors, but as it gets closer to the winter season it is more important than ever for some visitors. This park is not federally funded so each one of your visits helps pay to keep our beautiful animals fed while we are closed.


With the end of the season approaching, we want you to use your season pass while you still can. Here are 7 reasons why you should leaf your worries behind and visit Tanganyika.



  1. Annual Pumpkins at the Park 
  2. Beat the heat with cooler weather
  3. Celebrate MJ’s first Rhino Day! 
  4. Action For Cheetahs Event
  5. Daily Demos + More
  6. Important Updates
  7. More Animal Ambassador Availability!


Tanganyika’s Fall Event of the Season

Pumpkins At The Park

Halloween is a holiday that is filled with laughs, memories, and loads of candy! You can experience all of this and more at Tanganyika Wildlife Park’s annual Halloween fall event Pumpkins at the Park

Black and grey graphic reading Pumpkins at the Park and also reading Wichita's Biggest Halloween Party, It's Back
Come to Pumpkins at the Park, Wichita’s Biggest Halloween Party at Tanganyika Wildlife Park

Thanks to our incredible staff members, a wide range of beautiful animals, versatile event spaces, unique Halloween fall activities, and more, we can provide you and your family with an unforgettable Halloween experience. 


Pumpkins at the park is one of our most popular fall events. There are numerous events including an adults-only night which is new this year. This year there will be candy, pumpkin, animal ambassadors, Witch’s kitchen, escape rooms, laser tag, and adult beverages at the bar!


Pumpkins at the Park is always a good time because the staff and even some of the animals get to dress up in costumes for the event.”- Hoofstock Keeper Sierra


For only $22 for everyone over the age of three and $10 for two and under it’ll be an event to remember.


The adults-only night fall event will be on October 20th. There will be additional fall events included in the spooky night. Tickets will be $35 and you must be 21+ years old. There will be fire performers, a DJ, a tarot card reader, a magician, and adult trick-or-treating throughout the night.


Pumpkins at the Park is back and better than ever. Be sure not to miss out on one of Wichita’s most spooktacular fall events. 


Cooler Weather and Activities for Fall

 With how hot it was this summer you may have opted out of walking around in the sun at Tanganyika on your family days. We don’t blame you we would have done the same. Come enjoy the cooler weather.


“We have our Pumpkins in the Park fall event that people enjoy coming to but honestly, one of the best times to visit the park in general is in the fall. The trees that we have around the park turn colors, the weather is really nice, and since school is going we aren’t very busy. If you’re busy during the week, Sunday mornings are a good time to come.” – Keeper Sierra


Believe it or not, humans aren’t the only ones who enjoy the cooler weather. Most of the animals at the park love the cooler weather.


Be on the lookout when in the kangaroo walkabout as the Joeys like to hop around the exhibit a bit more. With the nicer weather and smaller crowds, the joeys are more adventurous and mingle more than usual.


“The best animals to see here in the fall are our Snow Leopards because of the cooler weather. At their natural elevation, the climate is cold and dry, so you’ll certainly see them more active before we close for the season!” -Keeper Jess


“Most of the animals are more active in the fall. The rhinos especially get the zoomies a lot more often. And they love the fall because they get pumpkins to eat or play with.” Keeper Sierra


Our rhinos love water and the cooler weather. You may have seen them get excited when the keepers brought out the hose during the summer. The rhinos get even more zoomies in the fall with the cooler weather. 


Don’t forget to check out our cheetah Cubs and watch them fall head over heels for the fall weather. The Cubs get much more playful when they don’t have to fight the summer weather. 


“Some of the cats like the cooler weather and are more active than during the summer” -Keeper Kiana


Action For Cheetahs Fall Event

Action for Cheetahs in Kenya is made up of a team of dedicated conservationists. Their administration has decades of conservation and wildlife experience between them.


We’re hosting renowned cheetah expert Mary Wykstra from Action for Cheetah’s Kenya as she tours the United States sharing about her projects and efforts to protect cheetah in their native habitat.


Tickets will be a $30 donation to Action for Cheetahs Kenya. If you make a donation on top of their ticket to Action for Cheetahs we will offer free admission and 5 feedings to the park. The event is Saturday, September 23rd at 6:30 pm-8:30 pm. Visit our Facebook Event for more information.


Celebrate MJ’s First Rhino Day

Marjon, better known as MJ is going to celebrate his very first Rhino Day on September 22! He is still less than a year old and is excited to get some visitors for his first National Rhino Day. 

Goddard KS zoo
Sierra Smith one of our fascinating keepers working with baby MarJon!

Did you know we have 5 White Rhinos that will be celebrating this year as well?


Rhinos aren’t the only animals worth celebrating! There are plenty of other national animal days. To start off October 4th is National Zookeeper Day! Last year they did some silly things to celebrate. 


There a hundreds of animals to celebrate, but we only have so many at the park. A few other national animal days that we would love for you to come to celebrate with us are:

Check Out Our Daily Demos + More

Did you miss out on our Daily Demos this summer? Don’t worry they are still here, just some updated times. Here is our fall daily demo schedule: 


10:45 AM- Tiger Demo 


1:30 PM -Bird Demo


2:15 PM- Clouded Leopard Demo (Thursdays Only)


3:15 PM- Luna Albino Alligator Feeding (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)


3:30 PM- Monkey Demo


Monica the Rhino and Pluto the Hippo are still available for feedings! They also changed their schedule for the fall season. Be sure to get your feeding wristband and give them their snacks.


11:00 AM- Rhino Feeding


1:00 PM- Hippo Feeding


Important Updates

 With the summer season coming to an end we have a few important updates. 

  • $5 Feeding Wristbands – Starting after Labor Day feeding wristbands are just $5 on Monday – Thursday for members! Come enjoy the quiet weekdays and save on feedings. 
  • Fall Hours Start- From Labor Day until we close for the season our hours are 10 AM – 4 PM. With the weather changing and fewer guests coming we update our hours. 
  • Splash Park- The Splash Park is open through September on Saturdays and Sundays ONLY! With pools closing due to the seasons changing, we stay open until the weather gets chilly. 
  • Special Events- We have a few fall events towards the end of the open season. Action for Cheetahs on September 23rd. Pumpkins at the Park starts in October. 
  • The last Day is November 12! With the colder weather, we close our gates to guests for the winter so we can be sure to take care of our animals. 


More Available Animal Ambassadors

With fewer guests coming through the park that means fewer guests signing up for Meet and Greet. Take advantage and hop into some available Meet and Greets. 


Some of our most popular experiences can get packed during the summer, and some that can be distracting to your experience. The fall is perfect to get closer to a one-on-one with the keepers and their animals. 


I think fall is the best time to do meet and greet and behind the scenes tours because we aren’t as busy as during the summer, so you are more likely to be on a tour that isn’t full.”- Keeper Kiana


The fall is also the perfect time to rent out cabanalows or even request an animal for a party or event!


Here’s a reminder from Andi, our Content Marketing Captain, “Invite an animal ambassador to your holiday (or birthday) parties, or even just for a regular day with the family!”


Did you know you could have an exotic animal at your Christmas Party?


Tanganyika’s Fall Activities

There are countless fall events to enjoy at the park. 

Be sure to visit this year’s Pumpkins At The Park and check out our new Adults-Only night. 

halloween fall hayride at tangayika wildlife park
Enjoy a scenic hayride at Pumpkins at the Park!

Check out how the animals react to the cooler weather and fewer guests. 

Learn from our special guest visiting from Action for Cheetahs. 

Celebrate with our animals on their national animal days.

Don’t forget to check out our daily Demos before the season ends. 

Be sure that you update yourself on the changes for the fall season. 

Lastly, take and look at the open slots for animal experiences. 

Don’t just take our word for it. 


Keeper Sierra says, “Coming to the park in the fall is the best time to come in my opinion. Especially during the week, we aren’t very busy so you can really take your time and enjoy not just the animals, but also have more time to talk with keepers or staff and ask questions. You might even get to see a rhino smashing a pumpkin.” 


Keeper Kiana suggests, “If you can come during the week, the zoo is much slower now that school is back in session.”


Marketing Captain Andi wants to remind everyone to “hang out without Bat-Eared Fox Kits and that you have an opportunity to see Joey Zoomies in the cooler weather.”


“You really get the park all to yourself! It’s not as busy or hot as in the summer which means the animals are more active. I also feel like I get to get spend more one-on-one time with the staff to ask questions about the park, the animals, and the experiences.” -TWP Customer

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