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3 Unique and Environment Friendly Wedding Exits

Wedding exits, or send-offs, are really popular for good reason. It’s a way to see all your guests one more time before you leave to start your married life together. It also makes for some of the best photos. Here at Tanganyika, we value animal safety first, so we don’t allow items such as sparklers. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have an amazing dramatic exit that will give you photos to cherish for years. Here are unique wedding send-offs that won’t harm the environment but will still WOW your guests. 

Tanganyika environmentally friendly wedding


We love this one for its dual purpose. It creates a fun pop (pun completely intended) for pictures while also filling up glasses for the newlyweds. Consider doing one last thank you toast outside during your send-off to let your guests know how much you appreciate them celebrating such a big moment in your life. 

environmentally friendly wedding

Lavender toss

This has become increasingly popular over the traditional rice throwing or it’s alternative, throwing bird seed. Rice can be harmful to birds and although bird seed isn’t, no one can argue that lavender smells a lot better. It can also save you money if you decide to source the lavender yourself from a local tree. You would also avoid paying a cleanup fee at most venues, (Tanganyika Wildlife Park included) because it is biodegradable. Lavender also symbolizes devotion, which is perfect for a wedding send-off for two people that just committed themselves to each other.

Wedding Smoke Bomb

Smoke bombs

This gives a whole new meaning to the words “smoke show”. A smoke bomb sendoff is perfect for the couple whose love is explosive. There are many different colors to choose from so the possibilities are endless. Match it with your wedding colors or do black smoke bombs to make the white dress glow. Smoke bombs even look great at night, with the right lighting. Make sure that the smoke bombs you choose are eco-friendly. Since smoke bombs are considered a firework, make sure you check in with your venue to see if it’s allowed. Here at Tanganyika, we love how great smoke bombs look! 


You can get mother nature’s approval without sacrificing the beautiful wedding photos. Celebrate an amazing day while taking care of our planet – and our animals!


Tanganyika Connie Events Coordinator

About the Author: Connie Sarinana is the Events Coordinator at TWP. Born and raised in Iowa, she studied Animal Ecology, Spanish, and Event Management at Iowa State University. Her passion for helping wildlife starting out young, as she would always ask to go to the zoo as soon as learned what the word meant. When she’s not planning a wedding or a corporate event, she enjoys cuddling with her dog and trying to convince her fiancé to let her get a pet snake. 

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