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Day Camps at the Wichita Zoo: Educational and Fun Options for All Ages

The Wichita Zoo it’s an educational and fun-filled experience for children ages 6 to 12 and a great way to spend a day camp when school is off. Your child will learn about animals and their habitats, as well as get to see some of the zoo’s resident animals up close. 


Day camps are also a great way to meet other kids who share your child’s interests. So if you’re looking for a fun and educational day camp in Wichita, the zoo is the perfect place to check out.

In this blog, we’ll give you tips on how to find the best educational camps in Wichita by answering these common questions: 

  • What does a day camp at the zoo looks like?
  • How to find the best day camp near me?
  • What educational camps can I find in Wichita?
  • Are there Day Camps for Preschoolers?
Day camps and summer camps at the Wichita zoo

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How does a day camp at the zoo looks like –  Day camps at Tanganyika Wildlife Park 


One of the best things about day camps at Tanganyika is that no two days are exactly alike! Each of our day camps has a different theme. Whether your kiddo is coming for a single-day, multiple-day camp, or a week camp, you can expect an action-packed day full of learning and fun. 


We typically start the morning with a short lesson to introduce the day’s theme. From there, we split into learning PODS that include games, crafts, science experiments, STEM activities, park tours, feeding encounters, and nature exploration. And of course, animal encounters: Tanganyika offers the only Wichita Day Camp where kids get the chance to meet at least two unique animals every day! 


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How to find the best day camp near me? Things to consider


The type of camp, the hours you need care, available snack or meal options, and the overall camp environment are just a few of the factors that might affect your decision. 


We’re here to help you make a decision and answer the question of how to find the best day camp near me.


First, it’s important to choose the type of camp that will be the best fit for your family. For the active kiddos, an athletic-based camp would give them the chance to hone their skills for a particular sport and spend a lot of time burning off that extra energy. Other kiddos might prefer a slower-paced science, art, or religious camp that fits their unique interests. 


These niche camps are excellent options, but if you have multiple kids with varied interests or a wide range of ages in your family, you might be looking for a more universal option. 


The overall camp environment is also incredibly important to consider. Are you looking for a camp where your kiddo will spend the majority of the day outdoors, or do you have more of a homebody who’d rather stay inside? Will your camper be more successful in a structured classroom-like environment, or would they benefit from less structure? Do you have a child with special needs that require accommodations for them to be successful?


Because there are a ton of different learning and teaching styles, there are a TON of different camp environments. 


Aside from the type of camp and how it’s organized, you must also consider logistics that might set one camp apart from the rest. If packing lunches and snacks is a pain, look for a camp that provides those! 


Day camps at the zoo are really day camps, drop off begins at 7:45 am and pick-up ends at 5:30 pm. Bring your kid to a full day of fun!

Jungle Juniors and Cub Club. Educational camps at the Wichita zoo

Day Camps for Preschoolers – Weekly programs at the zoo


You may already know that interacting with the natural world builds dozens of crucial skills like problem-solving, emotional intelligence, and creativity, not to mention the health benefits children (and adults!) derive from spending time in nature. That´s why the Wichita zoo has weekly programs for preschoolers where they interact with the natural world, and spend time with other children while they are still under the watchful eye of their parents. 


Jungle Juniors and Cub Club are 2 weekly programs for you and your child. During Jungle Juniors, your preschooler will rotate through different centers including sensory bins, crafts, games, and fine-motor activities all based on the day’s animal theme. Then they get to read a story and meet an animal visitor! During Cub Club, you and your toddler will sing and dance to “The Animal Song”, read a story, and meet an animal visitor.


Want to learn more about our activities for preschoolers in Wichita, visit our website!  

Tanganyika Day Camp
Tanganyika Wildlife Park Day Camp and Summer Camps for kids. Educational Summer Camps in Wichita.

Educational Summer Camps in Wichita

Of course, the school year won’t be the only time you’re looking for care for your child! Thankfully, most of the facilities that offer high-quality day camps during the school year also offer summer camps! 


Junior Zookeeper Summer Camp at Tanganyika takes all the fun of our Day Camps and amps it up! Summer camps are a full five days of animal encounters, park tours, behind-the-scenes experiences, STEM activities, crafts, games, and nature play. 


Our 2022 summer camps sold out in record time, so you don’t want to sleep on this opportunity. For more information, click here and visit our camp page.

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