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Bridal Trends 2024: Have a wild animal park wedding

Let me show you a wildly different approach to weddings. Forget the traditional white gown and tuxedo – this year, brides are breaking all of these rules! If you’re newly engaged and looking for some creative inspiration, read on for a sneak peek at our wild animal park weddings, a new bridal trend for brides that are daring to break the mold.


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Zoo weddings – A wedding venue with a wild animal twist

In 2024 there are new bridal trends on the rise, if you are wanting to have a unique wedding be sure to stick around. 

  1. Themed rehearsal dinners are in for this year in the wedding industry. Make your last night as a non wedded couple fun with a themed rehearsal dinner. From a country dinner themed party to a zoo themed party, your guests will be swept away with the level of creativity that you will bring to the table. 
  2. Quality time before the wedding although it is a tradition to not see each other before the wedding ceremony. In 2024, the updated bridal trend is to meet for breakfast, sneak in a cuddle session, or even getting ready with each other and doing a first look with their family. It is important to set aside time for what you want your special day to be!
  3. Candid Photography this bridal trend is growing, you can have hours set aside for a photoshoot the day of. However, bridal parties want to see what their night consists of, that’s why candid photography is growing. A great way for these candid pictures are disposable cameras that are coming back in trend. 

Try these bridal trends when you are planning your wedding at a unique wedding venue!

Zoo weddings are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s not hard to see why. Bridal trends are for couples who want a truly unique experience, there’s no better way to start your fairytale than in the company of some of nature’s most beautiful creatures. 

Animals as guests

And for guests, it’s an event that they’ll be sure to reminisce about! From rhinos to lions to giraffes, you and your guests will be able to take in the beauty of nature while celebrating one of the most important days of your life. 

animal weddings

Not just a venue

Getting married in a zoo is an unimaginable concept, Tanganyika Wildlife Park takes care of all the details but not to worry bridal parties still have the ability to decorate however they please. 

For example, you could opt for a more casual dress code, or forego the typical wedding cake in favor of something more unique. 

Multiple locations

You could even choose to have your ceremony and reception in different parts of the zoo or invite some animal ambassadors to the ceremony! This unique wedding venue has different packages at different locations of the park to make your happy ending perfect. 


  • Giraffe Deck Wedding: 

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  • Splash Park Wedding
  • Manara Wedding 


Children friendly

When it comes to children, planning a wedding can be difficult. They’re unpredictable and demanding, which makes them challenging to work with as you plan your ceremony. But having your big day be a zoo wedding is going to provide plenty of activities for kids, so it will surely keep everyone happy and included in your special day.

If all of this sounds like what you are looking for in your wedding, look no further than Tanganyika Wildlife Park. This animal-filled venue has won WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Awards for the last 8 years.

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Unique Wedding Venue at Tanganyika Wildlife Park in Wichita Kansas

5 unique wedding venues in Wichita 

When people think of unique wedding venues, they often think of destination weddings in places like the Caribbean or Africa. But what many people don’t realize is that you can have an exotic wedding right here in the US – in a Kansas zoo to be precise or any of these four other unique venues.  

Imagine choosing a unique wedding venue that will make you feel like you’re in the middle of the Serengeti but located in the heart of Goddard, Kansas. This place exists and is called Tanganyika Wildlife Park. With over 51 acres of land and many natural outdoor settings to choose from, this Wichita zoo is the perfect place for a wild animal park wedding. Wedding parties can choose from 4 different locations such as the Manayara, Seronera, Serengeti, Courtyard to celebrate their wedding. 

One of the best parts about having an exotic wedding right here in the United States is that no one stays behind, even if you’re on a tight budget. Planning your big day abroad can be tough because there are so many different factors to consider – starting with how much it will cost for everyone’s plane tickets and accommodations to finding the best vendors that will cater to your wants and needs​​. 


    • The White Barn is a unique wedding venue that is located in Cheney KS which is approximately 20 min away from Wichita, KS. The venue is on a 20 acres property with a beautiful overlook of a 3 acres pond. The wedding party can accommodate their 299 guests for both the ceremony and receptions. You can have the imaginable wedding you have been dreaming of in the 5,000 square foot venue. 
    • Bright Water Bay is a unique wedding venue that lies on a 44 acres piece of land with a lake, lush trees, and sandy beaches in Wichita, KS. The  two-story venue has plenty of amenities for your wedding plans to enjoy, from private beaches to enjoying outdoor games including basketball, pickleball, tennis courts, shuffleboard and more. Spend your nuptials in our beach house and host your big wedding at Bright Water Bay
    • Wichita Brewing Company is a unique wedding venue that is located in Wichita, KS on a brewing site in which you can bring up to 300 guests to your special day. The venue has over 5,500 square feet for your wedding celebrations. The wedding party can celebrate their tying of the knot in the brewery’s main banquet hall. Wedding guests will have access to an open floor for whatever seating arrangements the wedding party dreams of. 
    • Kansas Aviation Museum is a unique wedding venue that is located in Wichita KS. The venue is the original Wichita Municipal Airport Terminal Building which was built in the 1930’s. Couples looking to take their wedding to a higher altitude can do so by celebrating it at the museum. The venue can accommodate up to 260 guests  and has plenty of different locations in which you can explore during your time at the venue. 

At Tanganyika there are different bridal trends and unique wedding ideas being that you can tie the knot looking at a giraffe herd, or have Nugget the penguin be your ring-bearer! The park also has a variety of different indoor and outdoor venues that you can choose from. When it comes to your wedding budget, at this wichita zoo weddings can be from an all-inclusive package or a la carte with full flexibility. You will also have a professional wedding specialist that will guide you on every step and help you design your dream wedding

Tanganyika can help you with your unique Bridal Trends

If you’re looking for a unique wedding venue with a wild animal twist while including bridal trends, look no further than Tanganyika Wildlife Park. Our zoo weddings are sure to make your special day one that you and your guests will never forget. 

You can have animal visitors, lots of different locations to have your ceremony, it is children friendly. Tanganyika is not only a venue, we offer an event coordinator as well. 

Out of all the unique wedding venues you can choose from, we might be biased but we think that Tanganyika Wildlife Park is the best. Book a showing! 

Are you ready to pass on the expensive plane tickets and use that budget on building the wedding of your dreams? Book a free consultation with our wedding specialist today!

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