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A Day at Tanganyika: The Perfect Animal Experience Near Me

Have you ever wanted to feel a porcupine’s quills, a lemur’s hair, or a hippo’s back? Or maybe tossing carrots to a rhino, feeding craisins to a monkey, or handing pear to a sloth is more your speed. Alternatively, you could be looking for some photos and videos to spice up your social media. If you’re wondering, “Where can I find this  type of animal experience near me,” look no further. Tanganyika Wildlife Park has all these animal experiences and more, so you better book your tickets now.

A visit to Tanganyika means you can design your dream animal experience package. Whether you are an animal enthusiast who wants to spend three days doing everything possible or just have an afternoon available, there is an animal experience for you. Keep reading to find out more. 

Tanganyika’s Wildly Different Animal Experience 

For those seeking the most immersive animal experience possible, Tanganyika Wildlife Park offers an “ultimate weekend” packed to the brim with different animal experiences, unlimited feeding stations, one-on-one time with keepers, souvenirs, and lunches. 

This three-day experience allows you to experience all that’s possible at Tanganyika Wildlife Park for a fraction of the cost of other interactive animal facilities. Some animal experiences, like the penguin swim, are only available at Tanganyika and nowhere else in the USA.

animal experience
animal experience with one of our penguins

If you’re in the Wichita area and perform an online search for animal experience near me, you might discover that Tanganyika offers the following animal experiences year-round:

  • Owl monkey meet and greet
  • Otter meet and greet
  • Penguin meet and greet
  • Small cat meet and greet
  • Red-ruffed lemur meet and greet
  • Giraffe and Friends behind-the-scenes tour
  • Origins behind the scenes tour
  • Sloth behind-the-scenes experience

Please visit our website for more info on age ranges and group size limits. Also, each month, new animal experiences are introduced for a limited time only, so book your spot today. 

To experience this lifetime encounter, you can contact Tanganyika Wildlife Park Here.

Other Things To Do in Wichita, Kansas, While at Tanganyika 

It is worth mentioning that other than Tanganyika’s wildly different animal experiences, there are also other interesting things to do in Wichita Kansas while at Tanganyika.  Some of these programs include but are not limited to: 

1. Twilight Tour

Every year, Tanganyika Wildlife Park hosts its much-anticipated Twilight Tour, a spectacular event dedicated to raising funds for the beloved wildlife sanctuary. Beyond the standard admission tickets, which come in three different levels to suit your preference, the guests can indulge in various delightful offerings.

For guests with a taste for spirits, wine and liquor grab bags are offered, or one can opt for the elegant cocktail glasses that come with complimentary refills at cocktail stations scattered throughout the Park. 

Secondly, art enthusiasts are treated to the silent auction and Art Walk, where they can bid on captivating artworks created by both Tanganyika’s talented animal residents and human artists, along with baskets filled with goodies from local vendors.

Finally, for the VIPs and Elite guests, the evening gets even more special with a sumptuous plated dinner and the exciting Live Auction, where they can vie for exclusive items and experiences.

2. Safari of Lights

Are you in search of a delightful, family-friendly holiday activity that will infuse your spirit with festive cheer, besides having an animal experience near me”? Well, look no more because Tanganyika Wildlife Park’s Safari of Lights is here to brighten your holiday season!

This one-of-a-kind drive-thru light extravaganza boasts an astonishing display of over a million dazzling lights that will undoubtedly bring joy to kids of every age. What’s even better? Your participation in this magical event directly contributes to the welfare and care of the park’s beloved animals during the winter season.”

3.  Pumpkins at the Park

To add to the animal experience, Pumpkins at the Park is back at  Tanganyika Wildlife Park, and it’s more exciting than ever before. There is the reintroduction of beloved crowd-pleasers like the bounce house, laser tag, escape rooms, stage performances, sweet treat stations, hayrides, and an array of other thrilling activities!

4. Birthday Parties

Imagine celebrating your birthday in the company of some of the most captivating and exotic creatures on Earth. At Tanganyika Wildlife Park, you’re in for this extraordinary experience. The park’s wildlife is here to make your special day unforgettable. Additionally, you’re offered a variety of zoo birthday party packages that allow you to tailor your celebration to your interests and budget. It’s a celebration like no other!”

5. Wildly Different Weddings

Tanganyika Wildlife Park is a unique wedding and event venue. The park allows you to celebrate your nuptials with a wedding celebration that can only be summarized as a wildly different experience. Beautiful in every season, Tanganyika Wildlife Park allows you to conveniently host both ceremony and reception right on site.


If you’re looking for a unique wedding venue with a wild animal twist, look no further than Tanganyika Wildlife Park. The park’s zoo weddings are sure to make your special day one that you and your guests will never forget.

6. Corporate Events

This is one of the unforgettable experiences at Tanganyika Wildlife Park. The park’s exotic animals, lush landscapes, and beautiful backdrops will forever elevate your next business meeting or company event.

At the park, you will find more than a reception room and some food—an event experience to set apart your next business event as more than a walk through the zoo. Blow expectations out of the water in one of our indoor venues that your guests will remember for a lifetime.

7. Social Gatherings Venue

Discover the unique blend of modern conveniences and enchanting natural surroundings at Tanganyika Wildlife Park. With their comprehensive packages that encompass beverage services, customizable layouts, and admission inclusive of animal feedings, your event planning becomes effortless. Rest assured, you will have a dedicated event coordinator who will guide you every step of the way, ensuring that every detail holds the same significance to us as it does to you.

Moreover, the array of venue options allows your guests not only to gain insight into the world of exotic animals but also to engage with them, offering an immersive and extraordinary experience. This hands-on approach provides a rare opportunity to connect with some of nature’s most extraordinary and often endangered species, leaving an indelible mark on your event.

8. Educational Programs

Tanganyika Wildlife Park allows you to embark on a field trip to the park. This ensures that you immerse your students in an educational adventure like no other, guided by the park’s team of expert tour guides, informative encounter station staff, and inspiring educators. The park’s tours and programs are thoughtfully designed to align with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) across all grade levels. Step into the wild side of Wichita and let your students discover the wonders of our natural world!

animal experience near me
We love our animals here.

Your purchase of an Admission Ticket, Season Pass, Animal Experience, or even a snack at the gift shop not only enriches your visit but also directly contributes to our mission of animal conservation and rescue. Every dollar you spend goes toward supporting the hundreds of species we have here at the park, helping ensure their survival and providing resources for our ongoing animal rescue experience. Your generosity is instrumental in preserving these remarkable creatures for generations to come.

Find the perfect animal experience near me 

Still in a dilemma on choosing the “perfect animal experience near me”?Tanganyika Park is your best stop-over due to its wide variety of animal encounters. These include

 things to do in wichita kansas
One of our Trainers with one of the many exotic birds here at Tanganyika
  • Owl Monkey Meet and Greet- You’ll get a chance to meet and greet Dexter, an owl monkey with captivating eyes. Additionally, you’ll watch his monkey antics and have a chance to picture with him too!
  • Otter Meet and During this meet and greet, you’ll have the chance to assist in their training, snap some photos with these adorable creatures, and enjoy their entertaining antics. 
  • Penguin Meet and Greet-Discover the captivating personalities of our resident flightless birds by participating in our Penguin Meet & Greet. This exclusive experience allows you to get up close and personal with these fascinating creatures, giving you a chance to truly appreciate their distinct and charming traits.
  • Small cat Meet and During this exceptionally unique experience, you’ll have the chance to meet our small cat ambassador! The feline charm and charisma you’ll encounter in this exotic animal interaction will undoubtedly bring a smile to your face. Join our keepers in training these cats, capture memorable photos, and gain valuable insights into their species.

For more on this, read our blog and book your encounter today to learn about these incredible creatures. Your adventure awaits.

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