Red River Hog Target Training Meet and Greet at Tanganyika Wildlife Park

A Guide to Tanganyika Wildlife Adventure Park

Introduction: History and Development of Tanganyika Wildlife Park


In the heart of Kansas, Tanganyika Wildlife Park stands as a testament to the unwavering passion of the Fouts family and their extraordinary journey from childhood dreams to creating an adventure park. At the core of this remarkable tale is Jim Fouts, whose fascination with animals was kindled in his youth when his grandfather handed him a San Diego Zoo guidebook. Little did he know that this spark would evolve into a legacy of wildlife conservation.

Jim Fouts tanganyika history

Jim’s initial steps into the animal world began in 1972 when he assumed the role of a nightkeeper at the Sedgwick County Zoo, overseeing a diverse range of farm animals. However, his dreams extended beyond the ordinary; Jim aspired to build his collection of rare doves and pheasants. These creatures, with their captivating beauty, became the focal point of his ambition.


To fulfill this dream, Jim recognized the importance of networking and expanding his professional contacts. This led him to attend Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA) conferences and bird association events, laying the groundwork for the remarkable journey ahead.


The pivotal moment came when Jim embarked on a two-year adventure in Bolivia. There, he cared for animals in quarantine, delved into the intricacies of the import process, and established new sources for rare birds. This experience not only broadened his expertise but also laid the foundation for his future endeavors.

Having conquered South America at the age of 28, Jim’s sights turned toward Africa. Several successful trips to the continent culminated in the purchase of a USDA Quarantine Facility in California. The Fouts family’s initial success in Africa led to increased orders from major zoos across the United States, transforming them into leading importers of rare birds.


The journey, however, took an unexpected turn. While Jim had ambitions of establishing a world-class breeding facility, their business venture faced a significant setback. Their business partner in LA took control of the business, leaving the Fouts family in a state of bankruptcy. This unfortunate turn of events forced them to abandon their initial plans. 


Upon returning home, a new chapter began when Sherri’s parents generously gifted them five acres in Goddard. This act of kindness laid the groundwork for a fresh start, leading to the construction of the first barn and the establishment of Tanganyika under far different circumstances than initially envisioned.


By 1987, a second building was added for tigers, and Tanganyika solidified its position as a breeding facility. Notable additions included a white tiger named Shubra and Benny, the last live mascot for the Cincinnati Bengals football team. Benny and Shubra’s offspring marked the beginning of Tanganyika’s success in breeding, a critical aspect in the zoo world.

white tiger at tanganyika wildlife park


The early 2000s marked a humble yet transformative period as the Fouts family began offering guided tours right in their backyard. This intimate setting allowed visitors to witness seven species up close and engage in unique interactive experiences, such as feeding giraffes and lemurs. 


Despite its modest beginnings, with tours conducted in a space far from conventional zoo standards and without amenities like a parking lot, Tanganyika’s charm and the novelty of its encounters captivated hearts. By 2004, word of mouth and the allure of these personal interactions had drawn over 4,000 visitors, a testament to its growing popularity and the potential for a future beyond the bounds of their family’s backyard.


Undeterred by challenges and with the added vision of their son Matt, the Fouts family set their sights on a more ambitious future. Drawing inspiration from their dream and the narrative of the movie “We Bought A Zoo,” they embarked on an audacious journey to construct a zoo from scratch on 51 acres. This significant expansion elevated Tanganyika to the status of the third-largest animal collection in Kansas, boasting 40 exhibits, 10 interactive stations, and 37 successful breeding programs, with particular acclaim for their snow leopard and clouded leopard breeding efforts. These programs have garnered awards and recognition, significantly contributing to the park’s reputation.


Tanganyika Wildlife Park officially opened its doors on August 2, 2008, with 15 exhibits and three interactive areas. Presently, it is celebrated as one of the largest attractions in Kansas and a world leader in the breeding of rare and endangered species. The Fouts family’s unwavering dedication, achieved without reliance on government funds or grants, has cemented Tanganyika as a family-owned legacy. Their hard work, dedication, and passion for animal stewardship have laid the foundation for a remarkable institution.


Moreover, Tanganyika has earned the title of the most interactive zoo in the Midwest, a distinction that, along with its top-tier breeding programs, places it among the top five most visited attractions in the state and a premier tourist destination. This recognition underscores the park’s significant role in wildlife conservation and its ability to provide a unique and engaging experience for visitors. As Tanganyika continues to thrive, the support of its visitors is crucial to sustaining its success and commitment to wildlife conservation, making it a beacon for those passionate about the natural world.


What Makes Tanganyika Wildlife Park Unique?


Tanganyika Wildlife Park has etched its place as an exceptional zoological destination, boasting a myriad of features that set it apart from the rest. Here’s a glimpse into what makes Tanganyika Wildlife Park truly unique:


  • Diverse and Rare Species: Tanganyika stands out for its remarkable collection of rare and exotic species. Visitors can marvel at the presence of cheetahs, clouded leopards, Bengal tigers, and even the critically endangered Eastern Bongo, with less than 200 individuals remaining in their native habitat. This Wichita, KS zoo serves as a haven for species on the brink, offering a rare opportunity for locals to witness these creatures up close.

Eastern Mountain Bongo calf at Tanganyika Wildlife Park

  • Unparalleled Animal Encounters: Tanganyika takes pride in providing visitors with unprecedented proximity to its rare and endangered animals. With ten interactive encounters included in every admission, guests can feed ring-tailed lemurs, giraffes, rhinos, penguins, and more. What truly sets Tanganyika apart is its exclusive experiences, such as swimming with African Penguins—an opportunity unavailable anywhere else in the US.


  • Family-Owned and Independent: Tanganyika Wildlife Park distinguishes itself as a family-owned zoo in Wichita, KS, operating without state, federal, or local funding. Unlike many prominent zoos subsidized by tax revenue, Tanganyika’s independence allows it to channel resources into unique experiences and conservation efforts, making it a testament to the power of family dedication and passion.


  • Preservation Commitment: Tanganyika is not merely a zoo; it is a conservation powerhouse. Despite the absence of government funding, the park actively supports in-situ conservation efforts through partnerships with organizations like the Small Cat Conservation Trust, The Snow Leopard Conservancy, and the Giraffe Conservation Foundation. Tanganyika’s breeding programs for cheetahs, snow leopards, and more contribute to preserving species in human care and maintaining genetic diversity.


  • Educational and Inspirational Initiatives: Tanganyika goes beyond providing entertainment; it is committed to educating and inspiring its guests. Each animal encounter serves as an opportunity to learn about the threats facing species and how individuals can contribute to conservation. Even the gift shop reflects this commitment, featuring products that support conservation causes, from sustainable lumber choices to handbags supporting women’s businesses in Africa.


What makes Tanganyika Wildlife Park truly exceptional is its fusion of preservation, education, and unforgettable experiences. 


This Wichita, KS, zoo has transformed into a living testament to the impact a family’s dedication can have on safeguarding our planet’s diverse and endangered species. From rare animal encounters to meaningful conservation efforts, Tanganyika is a beacon of wildlife preservation, inviting visitors to connect, learn, and contribute to the global mission of protecting our planet’s precious biodiversity.

Tanganyika’s Animal Exhibits and Attractions


Step into a world of Wildly Different Experiences at Tanganyika Wildlife Park named the most interactive wildlife park in the Midwest. Exhibits and attractions are meticulously crafted, offering over 15 unique experiences that go beyond traditional zoo visits, creating a deeper connection with rare and endangered species. Here’s a glimpse into the captivating animal exhibits and attractions awaiting you:

Red River Hog Target Training Meet and Greet at Tanganyika Wildlife Park

  • Interactive Wildlife Park: Immerse yourself in a boutique setting where exotic animals are showcased like nowhere else in the Midwest. 
  • Penguin Feeding Experience: Hand-feed African Penguins at Trouble Maker’s Cove, creating memorable moments and photo opportunities.
  • Porcupine Meet & Greet: Get acquainted with Quilliam, the African crested porcupine, during a delightful meet-and-greet experience.
  • Owl Monkey Experience: Meet Dexter, the owl monkey, up close and experience the captivating antics of this shy forest monkey.
  • Otter Experience: Interact with and learn about our otters during a meet and greet that guarantees laughter and appreciation for these playful animals.
  • Small Carnivore Meet & Greet: Encounter small cat ambassadors or our Bat-Eared Foxes, enjoying an exclusive and interactive experience with these fascinating carnivores.
  • Red-Ruffed Lemur Experience: Engage in an action-packed lemur encounter, allowing you to feed, touch, and train these beautiful primates.
  • Giraffe Safari Adventure: Tour the African/Asian barn, meet the giraffe herd, and discover surprises with every visit.
  • White Rhino Feeding Adventure: Feed Southern white rhinos, learn about conservation efforts, and gain insights into the life of a zookeeper.
  • Big Cat Feeding Adventure: Embark on an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour, delving into the captivating story of Tanganyika’s success as a breeding facility.
  • Sloth Experience: Slow down and enjoy the company of two-toed sloths in an encounter that includes up-close moments, photo opportunities, and even feeding.
  • Swim with the Penguins: For a truly unique experience, dive into our Penguin Swim, where you can swim with our feathered friends and create lasting memories.
  • Ultimate Weekend Experience: If you’re seeking the ultimate adventure, the Ultimate Weekend at Tanganyika Wildlife Park is your all-in-one ticket to experiencing everything our park has to offer in one unforgettable weekend. Book now and let the wild journey begin!

Activities and Experiences at Tanganyika Wildlife Park

Tanganyika Wildlife Park offers a captivating array of activities and experiences, creating an immersive journey into the wonders of the animal kingdom. Let’s look at whether it is worth visiting.

Is Tanganyika Wildlife Park Worth It as a Day Resort?


Tanganyika Wildlife Park, with its diverse offerings for birthday parties and renowned Halloween event, Pumpkins at the Park, presents a compelling case as a worthwhile day resort. Here are key points supporting the park’s value:


  • Variety of Party Packages: Whether hosting a zoo-based celebration or bringing the zoo to your home, Tanganyika Wildlife Park offers diverse party packages catering to different preferences and locations. The availability of premium animal ambassadors, additional birthday party guests, and unique activities like animal painting enhances the party experience at reasonable upgrade costs.


  • Tanganyika Falls Splash Park: Introduced in 2020, Tanganyika Falls Splash Park offers a refreshing escape where families can relax and create lasting memories. Features include a courtyard for playing cornhole, the Thirsty Sloth bar for drinks in the shade, dancing fountains, sunbathing turf, and three waterslides. With “Tot Time” for toddlers under 6 and cabana low rentals for private gatherings, the splash park is designed for guests to slow down and enjoy summer with family and friends. Admission includes access to both the zoo and splash park, emphasizing a dual experience of animal encounters and water fun.
  • Feeding Stations: The inclusion of feeding stations, with options to feed hippos, lemurs, and giraffes, adds an interactive and memorable dimension to the day, enhancing the overall zoo experience.


  • Testimonial Endorsement: The positive testimonial from a high school senior named Ashlee highlights the exceptional experience and lasting memories created during a visit to Tanganyika Wildlife Park.


  • Educational and Conservation Focus: Tanganyika Wildlife Park goes beyond entertainment, offering educational opportunities for visitors to learn about rare and endangered species. The park emphasizes the importance of conservation, with funds supporting the Winter Fund to ensure the well-being of animals during the colder months.


Tanganyika Wildlife Park emerges as a day resort worth considering for its diverse and unique offerings.

The inclusion of educational elements, positive testimonials, and a focus on conservation further contribute to the overall value, making Tanganyika Wildlife Park a compelling choice for a day of fun, learning, and wildlife appreciation.


Cost Analysis:


The Tanganyika Wildlife Park’s Gold Pass offers significant benefits, including unlimited season visits, guest and one-time admission passes, access to Tanganyika Falls splash park, unlimited animal feedings, a $100 gift card for experiences, exclusive winter activities, discounts, and more, all for a discounted price of $249.99 from the original $296.99. This package is ideal for avid visitors and offers a blend of exclusive perks and flexible options for family members with varying interests. The complete package includes: 

  • $940 value
  • Guest Pass (every visit, includes feedings) plus 4 One-time Admission passes
  • Unlimited visits all season
  • Tanganyika Falls splash park access
  • Animal feedings (UNLIMITED)
  • Bonus ($100 gift card for experiences)
  • Exclusive winter access & activities
  • Wild Wednesdays (Summer only)
  • Free souvenir (t-shirt)
  • Early entry
  • Printed membership card
  • No capacity restrictions
  • Variety of park discounts
  • 10 Goat Food Coupons
  • Welcome Bag with extra goodies
  • Gold Pass Holder Kids Eat Free on Mondays
  • Free Admission to ZAA zoos

Why Tanganyika Falls Splash Park Could Be Kansas’ Most Thrilling Water Park

splash park wichita ks

Tanganyika Falls Splash Park, nestled within the scenic landscape of the Tanganyika Wildlife Park, stands out as a beacon of family fun and adventure. Opened in 2020, this aquatic wonderland has swiftly become a local favorite, promising an unparalleled experience for visitors of all ages. Here are compelling reasons why Tanganyika Falls Splash Park might just be Kansas’ most thrilling water park:


  • Unmatched Family Experience: Tanganyika Wildlife Park offers an all-encompassing family adventure. Begin your day with a picturesque breakfast, gazing at giraffes and soaking in the park’s natural beauty. Explore the wildlife park, engage in animal encounter stations, and create lasting memories with your family. Tanganyika Falls Splash Park provides the perfect afternoon retreat, allowing kids to cool off and indulge in an array of water-based activities.


  • Diverse Splash Park Features: As one of the largest splash parks in Wichita, Tanganyika Falls boasts a myriad of interactive elements that capture the hearts of visitors of all ages. From the thrill of sliding down a giant Alligator slide to the excitement of water sprayers and the anticipation under two massive dump buckets, the park offers something for everyone. The scientifically proven benefits of water play enhance child development, making it not only fun but also beneficial for young minds.
  • Unique Amenities for Families: Tanganyika Falls goes beyond traditional water park offerings. Families can rent Cabanalows—charming structures with TVs, sinks, minifridges, and powerful ceiling fans—for added comfort. The Thirsty Sloth Bar, located next to Tanganyika Falls, caters to adults with local craft beers and frozen drinks. Parents can enjoy a refreshing beverage while keeping a watchful eye on their children at play.


Tanganyika Falls Splash Park is not just a water park; it’s a holistic family destination that combines wildlife exploration, thrilling water activities, unique amenities, and a commitment to conservation. 

With its diverse offerings and dedication to providing an unforgettable experience, Tanganyika Falls stands out as a top contender for the title of Kansas’ most thrilling water park. So, why wait? 

Tanganyika Falls Splash Park Safety

  • Exceeding Standards and Excellence: The wildlife park itself has achieved accreditation through the Zoological Association of America (ZAA) and is the first zoo in Kansas to be Humane Certified by the American Humane Association (AHA). The development of Tanganyika Falls Splash Park adheres to the CDC’s Model Aquatic Health Code guidelines, surpassing state regulations.


  • Safety Measures and Certification: The splash park prioritizes safety with advanced systems, including the UL-Certified Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) Secondary Disinfection System, which operates 24/7 for water sanitation. An upgraded automated chemical controller ensures continuous water sampling, data logging, and remote monitoring, with a safety interlock system to maintain ideal water parameters. The park has increased the number of certified Aquatic Facility Operators (AFO) to enhance safety and operational excellence. An independent engineering firm has audited and certified the system’s compliance with state code and original engineering drawings.


  • Splash Park Features and Family-Friendly Concept: Tanganyika Falls Splash Park offers a multilevel water park play structure featuring the world’s tallest spitting giraffe, Jordy, waterfalls, slides, water guns, and more. Designed as a water playground rather than a conventional splash pad, it aims to create a destination of fun for families. The park provides ample shade, the Thirsty Sloth Bar, changing rooms, and relaxation areas for parents.


  • Planning Your Visit: Reserve your visit to Tanganyika Falls Splash Park in advance to ensure availability. Expect an experience that goes beyond typical splash pads, with an emphasis on safety, innovation, and family enjoyment.


Dive into the excitement and make Tanganyika Falls Splash Park your go-to destination for a summer filled with fun and adventure.

7 Incredible Winter Wildlife Experiences at Tanganyika, Plus Other Activities


As the winter chill descends, Tanganyika Wildlife Park doesn’t retreat into hibernation but instead opens its doors to a world of unique and captivating experiences. Here are seven extraordinary winter wildlife encounters awaiting visitors at Tanganyika, along with additional educational and event options:


  1. Sloth – Behind the Scenes: Experience an exclusive Behind the Scenes adventure with Chewbacca the Sloth.
  2. Small Carnivore – Meet & Greet: Winter days become warmer with furry friends! Join the Small Carnivore Meet and Greet. Spend a winter’s day with adorable servals or clever bat-eared foxes, creating cherished memories. Book Now for a whiskery winter delight.

    Target Training with a Serval Meet and Greet at Tanganyika Wildlife Park
    Target Training with a Serval Meet and Greet at Tanganyika Wildlife Park
  3. Otter – Meet & Greet: Dive into winter fun with the Otter Meet and Greet, discovering their love for play and food. Don’t be utterly bored; click to book and experience the joy of interacting with these delightful creatures.
  4. Red-Ruffed Lemur – Meet & Greet: Join the Red-Ruffed Lemurs for a cozy winter escape filled with learning, laughter, and leaps into fun. Book Now for a wild winter adventure, sharing moments with these captivating lemurs.
  5. Penguin – Meet & Greet: Swap snowmen for penguin pals with the Penguin Meet and Greet. Learn about these fascinating birds and create heartwarming winter memories. Click to book and enjoy a unique winter encounter.
  6. Owl Monkey – Meet & Greet: Embrace the winter season by making a new friend with Dexter, the captivating Owl Monkey. Share treats, and high fives, and join in training, turning frosty days into warm memories at Tanganyika. Book Now for a unique winter connection.
  7. Rhino Feeding Adventure: Red Noses are cute, but rhino horns are cooler! Experience a unique winter adventure by feeding a rhino.
  8. Educational Activities: For young animal lovers, Tanganyika offers three educational opportunities throughout the winter season.


A look at other unique offerings from Tanganyika Wildlife Park


Beyond its stunning landscapes and immersive wildlife experiences, Tanganyika Wildlife Park offers a diverse range of unique offerings that cater to different interests and occasions.


  • Twilight Tour: Tanganyika’s annual fundraising event, the Twilight Tour, stands out as a remarkable experience. Attendees not only contribute to a noble cause but also enjoy exclusive behind-the-scenes access, guided safaris, and encounters with the park’s fascinating residents. The event, celebrated in 2023, exceeded its fundraising goal, showcasing the community’s commitment to supporting exotic and endangered animal preservation.


  • Wildly Different Weddings: Tanganyika Wildlife Park offers a wildly different venue for couples seeking a unique and unforgettable wedding experience. With options ranging from intimate ceremonies to extravagant celebrations, couples can exchange vows surrounded by the park’s enchanting landscapes and captivating animals. The venue’s professional wedding coordinator ensures each wedding is tailored to the couple’s vision, creating a memorable and meaningful celebration.


  • Wildly Different Meetings & Events: For those looking to host business events with a twist, Tanganyika Wildlife Park provides a captivating setting. Attendees can enjoy enchanting landscapes and exciting animal encounters while participating in events that go beyond the ordinary. The park’s event coordinator assists in creating customizable packages, ensuring that every detail contributes to a unique and engaging experience.


  • Hawkins Estate at Tanganyika: Experience the ultimate retreat at Tanganyika Wildlife Park by staying at the Hawkins Estate. This exclusive accommodation offers guests a serene getaway amidst the natural beauty of the wildlife park. Ideal for those seeking a peaceful escape or a distinctive lodging experience, the estate provides a perfect blend of luxury and nature. Guests can relax in comfort while being just steps away from the park’s exotic animals and attractions, making it an unforgettable stay.


Tanganyika Wildlife Park goes beyond being a wildlife sanctuary; it is a dynamic hub of experiences, events, and educational opportunities that cater to a diverse audience, making it a truly exceptional destination.


How Tanganyika Supports Wildlife Conservation Efforts


Through a multifaceted approach encompassing breeding programs, fundraising initiatives, and public education, Tanganyika exemplifies its commitment to the protection and preservation of the world’s biodiversity.


  • Breeding Programs for Endangered Species: At the core of Tanganyika’s conservation initiatives are its award-winning breeding programs, which play a pivotal role in the propagation of rare and endangered species, thereby making a substantial contribution to their population stability.  The park’s commitment to conservation has been recognized through prestigious awards for Significant Propagation and Long Term Commitment to a Single Species, accolades received in 2021, 2018, and 2017. These awards highlight the effectiveness and dedication of Tanganyika’s efforts, particularly exemplified by the snow leopard breeding program and the successful reproduction of black Amur leopards. Such achievements underscore Tanganyika’s unwavering dedication to the preservation of these majestic animals, showcasing its role as a leader in species survival and conservation.


  • International Support: The park extends its influence beyond local boundaries by providing financial support to international initiatives. Tanganyika’s generous donation to rescue 51 penguins in South Africa amidst a crisis caused by overfishing exemplifies its global reach. By supporting organizations like the Dyer Island Conservation Trust, Tanganyika demonstrates a commitment to addressing conservation challenges on a global scale.


  • Educational Programs and Public Engagement: Tanganyika Wildlife Park recognizes the critical role of public awareness in conservation. Through educational programs, the park enlightens visitors about the importance of preserving endangered species. Tanganyika not only imparts knowledge but actively involves the community in fundraising events, such as the Giraffe Conservation Foundation weekend, showcasing the collective impact achievable through public engagement.


  • Sustainable Practices and Community Support: Beyond direct conservation initiatives, Tanganyika promotes sustainability through its gift shop offerings. Items like Torrain Recycled Bags, crafted by women in Africa, contribute to poverty reduction. By selling these products, Tanganyika engages in ethical consumerism, aligning with broader conservation goals and supporting communities beyond the park.


  • Diverse Visitor Experiences and Funding Support: Tanganyika encourages community involvement through diverse visitor experiences, ranging from feeding rare animals to hanging out with sloths. These experiences not only offer unique interactions but also serve as avenues for fundraising. Admission tickets, season passes, and exclusive experiences contribute to the park’s financial sustainability, facilitating ongoing conservation efforts.


The park stands as a model for comprehensive wildlife conservation. Through its dedication to breeding programs, international support, educational initiatives, sustainable practices, and community engagement, the park showcases the power of collective efforts in preserving our planet’s biodiversity. 


Tanganyika not only invites visitors to witness the wonders of wildlife but actively involves them in the mission to ensure a sustainable and thriving future for endangered species.


Visitor Information


Park Hours

Spring (March 11 – May 26)

Daily 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Summer (May 27 – Sept 4)

Daily    9:00 am – 4:00 pm


Wednesdays    9:00 am – 8:00 pm***


Fall (Sept 5 – Nov 12)

Daily 10:00 am – 4:00 pm


Splash Park – Summer Season

Memorial Day through mid-August

10 am to 4 pm (tot-time 9:30-10)

Mid-August to Labor Day Weekdays

10 am – 4 pm, Weekends 10 pm – 4 pm


***Wild Wednesdays

Summer Season

4 pm to 8 pm—$10 entry

Music, food trucks, and more!

FREE for Silver and Gold pass holders.


Planning Your Visit to Tanganyika

If you’re gearing up for a wild adventure at Tanganyika Wildlife Park, located in Goddard, Kansas, then buckle up for an unforgettable experience. This guide will walk you through the essentials to plan your visit effectively, ensuring you make the most of your time at one of the world’s most unique and exciting zoos.

Feeding Lemur Experience at Tanganyika Wildlife Park
Feeding Lemur Experience at Tanganyika Wildlife Park

1. Daily Schedule and Feeding Opportunities

  • Early Arrival: Plan to arrive early to catch the animals at their most active, as exhibits open at 10 am in the spring and fall and 9 am during the summer.
  • Feeding Times: Various feeding times and animal demonstrations are scheduled throughout the day, offering a chance to interact closely with the zoo’s diverse residents.

2. Admission Options

  • Season Passes: Ideal for frequent visitors, offering multiple entries and special winter access.
  • Best Day Bundle: The ultimate experience, featuring behind-the-scenes animal encounters and more.


3. Check-In Process:

  • Efficient Check-In: Season pass holders can expedite the process with barcodes, receiving the Daily Tanganyika Schedule and pass perks.


4. Included in Admission Ticket:

  • Freebies: Enjoy complimentary parking and a plethora of animal feedings, including lemurs, giraffes, hippos, and more.
  • Demonstrations: Engage with animal training demonstrations and explore Tanganyika Falls and Playground.
  • Kangaroo Walkabout: An interactive area for everyone, featuring over 15 lounging kangaroos.

5. Why Tanganyika is Unique:

  • Unparalleled Animal Experiences: Our park offers more unique animal interactions than any other in the nation, designed to awe and inspire our visitors. From up-close encounters to interactive exhibits, we provide unforgettable moments with wildlife.
  • Exceptional Staff: Every guest, every time—our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to enhance your visit. Whether providing insights into animal behavior or sharing conservation efforts, our team ensures a memorable and informative experience.
  • Immersive and Pristine Environment: Step into a world where every detail is designed for immersion. Our park’s cleanliness and thematic design transport you into the natural habitats of our animals, making your visit not just a trip, but an adventure into the wild.


6. Tips for Visitors:

  • Interact with Staff: Don’t hesitate to ask questions and seek insider information from the friendly and knowledgeable staff.
  • Timing Matters: Arrive early or late for a better chance of seeing active animals up close.
  • Consider Experiences: Enhance your visit with behind-the-scenes tours or meet-and-greets.
  • Best Value: The Best Day Bundle offers a comprehensive package with added perks.

Tanganyika Wildlife Park promises a day filled with excitement, education, and wildlife encounters.


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