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A Guide to Tanganyika: An All-Inclusive Destination

Tanganyika Wildlife Park is a one-of-a-kind destination for animal experiences located in Goddard, KS, just west of Wichita. Renowned for its immersive animal encounters, guests can have lemurs on their lap, feed giraffes, touch kangaroos, have lorikeets land on their shoulders, and so much more. Tanganyika began from the vision of a world-renowned wildlife breeder and importer, Jim Fouts. 

Over the years, the Fouts family and the team of animal care and education experts at Tanganyika have learned that the most effective way to conserve species is to inspire others to steward animals. But what exactly does that inspiration look like? It comes through “wow moments” that create lifetime memories. 

The first time you have a lemur on your lap, and it gently takes a craisin from your hand, your jaw drops in awe. That’s a wow moment, and Team Tanganyika has a big, hairy goal to facilitate 1,000,000 wow moments during the 2032 season. 

Since opening in 2004, they’ve also been adapting and changing to fit the needs of the animals, guests, and community. They’ve heard the community’s feedback. People LOVE these experiences and travel from all over the country to enjoy them. Nearly 60% of daily admission sales are from guests outside of Wichita

People don’t love the lines, being rushed through an experience, and not having enough time to feed all the animals and enjoy the park. They are also confused by all the different options for admission, membership, events, and education programs. 

In 2025, Tanganyika Wildlife Park will continue to offer everything everyone loves but in a more streamlined, all-inclusive format. It will provide all the up-close animal encounters everyone loves without the lines and confusion. 

This guide will discuss the nitty-gritty details of this all-inclusive destination so you can understand all the changes for 2025. If you’re new here, welcome to your next affordable vacation destination. If you’re an old fan, support us in this transition as we step deeper into our mission. 

About Tanganyika Wildlife Park’s All-Inclusive Destination

Tanganyika Wildlife Park will open for the 2025 season in March as an all-inclusive destination. Inspired by Discovery Cove in Orlando, this new model means unlimited animal feedings at our nine animal feeding encounters, unlimited food and drink, and a basic alcohol package with every admission. Attendance will be capped to reduce wait times and ensure more time with the animals. 

Behind-the-scenes and meet-and-greet experiences like our World Famous Penguin Swim Experience, Rhino Feeding Adventure, Sloth Meet and Greet, Otter Art Adventure, and more will still be available to add to every visit. Other upgrades will include a premium alcohol package and a birthday party package. 

What to Expect at this Affordable Vacation Destination

Some things won’t change at all. Tanganyika Wildlife Park’s open exhibits will still allow for up-close animal viewing. The playground will still be a favorite spot for kids, allowing parents to relax in the shade while the kids run like cheetahs, swing like gibbons, and slide like otters. Tanganyika Falls will still be a great place to cool off during summer. 

The cornerstone of Tanganyika’s experience is the animal-feeding encounters. They set us apart and help us accomplish our mission of inspiring stewardship of animals through lifetime memories. 

One change for 2025 is that all season passes and admission levels will include unlimited animal feedings at the following feeding encounters: 

  • Reticulated giraffe
  • Indian rhino
  • Pygmy hippo
  • Ringtailed lemur
  • Sulcata tortoise
  • Rainbow lorikeets
  • Domestic rabbits
  • Guinea pigs
  • Kangaroo walkabout (touching only)

Another big change will be limited attendance. For 2025, we’ll be capping daily attendance each day to ensure little to no wait times. All the animal interactions you love and more time with team Tanganyika to learn about the animals. Starting at $99/person we can be an affordable vacation or staycation. 

The park may see some minor aesthetic changes in 2025, with continued improvements in the following years. Check-in will change to allow for more time with each guest and a reduction in wait times. Cabanas (smaller family-sized rentals) and Cabanalows (accommodate up to 30 guests) will be available for rent so your family can have a basecamp during your visit. 

The other big change will be in food and beverage service. In 2025, Gold passes and all admission prices will include the following. 

  • Breakfast will be a new addition at the park in 2025. Enjoy waffles, eggs, muffins, sausage, bacon, and other treats. 
  • Lunch options include seasonal salads, burgers, and traditional favorites like chicken strips and french fries. 
  • Three locations throughout the park will offer grab-and-go snacks, including soft pretzels, popcorn, and warm cookies. 
  • The basic Alcohol Package will include domestic beer and boxed wine

With over 100 different animal species, 50 exhibits, and 500 different animals, there will still be a wide variety of species to enjoy. Watch the critically endangered mountain bongo graze, laugh as Javan langur youngsters wrestle and swing, and see one of the largest giraffe herds in the country. 

Tanganyika Wildlife Park is also world-renowned as a breeding facility dedicated to the preservation of rare and endangered species. With an average of 80 animals born at the park each year, there will always be a great chance to see babies at play during your visit. 

Why We’re Changing to an All-Inclusive Destination 

People are starved of connections and quality time with their friends and family. As the digital world continues to bombard and captivate us all, we find ourselves wondering when the last time we were outside in nature with another person. 

The fiber of our culture is connection with other human beings we are by nature a social species and yet we’re missing that. 

Books like “The Family Board Meeting” highlight that deficit to parents by pointing out they only have 18 summers with their children. Depression and anxiety statistics illustrate that the lack of connection since Covid is impacting us to our core. 

The solution is rooted in leading a more experiential life. Getting away from the things and the screens and connecting with our friends and family and by doing that ultimately ourselves. 

“There’s something powerful about touching a rhino. The rhino looking at me, me looking at it. This massive animal acknowledging that I exist. It reminds me how small and insignificant I am in a good way.” – Tanganyika Guest

We want to be a place where you can escape

Somewhere completely different than anything you’ve experienced. 

Something you can revisit in memories

A place to feel grounded

Somewhere you feel alive

We want to be a place where you feel more connected to it all and reminded how big it all is. 

 As Tanganyika has grown over the last three years, a few things have become clear. 

  1. Tanganyika is not built for volume; increased attendance has eroded the guest experience and our ability to achieve our mission.
  2. Offering more interactive experiences than anywhere else in the country has distinguished Tanganyika from the typical zoo and made it a destination. 
  3. Our audience is confused and frustrated by a tiered pricing model and over 40 products to interact with at the park. 

Our core focus is to create memories that last a lifetime through wow moments that inspire stewardship of animals. To concentrate on that core focus, we will be simplifying our products and engaging in those interactive experiences. 

We believe real pro-environmental behavior change is needed to save the planet, but behavior change is hard. It’s challenging to convince someone to save a binturong if they don’t even know what a binturong is. 

Zoos do a great job of making people aware of different animals and teaching them the difference between a rhino and a hippo, but few visitors go beyond playing “Where’s Waldo” at the zoo. They go from exhibit to exhibit, find the animal, identify it, and move to the next. 

Tanganyika employees take the time to introduce guests to the animals in our care. Sharing their personalities and wow facts about the species generates a deeper interest. We touch the heart, and when our guests are interested, we teach the mind what they can do to help the animals they’ve fallen in love with. 

We can’t create that interest and inspire that behavior change at volume. By limiting admission to the park, we’ll be able to dedicate more time with families so we can take them from knowing what a binturong is, discovering cool facts about a binturong, and eventually inspiring them to make careful choices to support companies who don’t destroy binturong habitats. 

Speaking of other zoos, we can’t go without acknowledging the Sedgwick County Zoo. As one of the best zoos in the country, we are all so lucky to have this treasure in our backyard. Sedgwick County Zoo receives county support every year, boasts an enormous animal collection, and can handle a volume that Tanganyika can’t compete with. Because our local community has access to a great zoo at SCZ, they allow us to become something different, to be a destination for animal experiences. 

Animal lovers traveling to Wichita to swim with the penguins or experience the interactive animal experiences that Tanganyika offers also have the chance to visit one of the best zoos in the country. Locals get an affordable vacation destination right down the street at Tanganyika while still having access to Sedgwick County Zoo when looking for something to do on a whim during the weekend. 

We’re also excited about Exploration Place’s expansion with its new Destination Playscape. Together, the Wichita community is working to eliminate the stereotype that Kansas is a flyover state. 

The Details of the changes 

Tickets and Season Passes

Let’s talk about what options will be available to experience Tanganyika’s new model. 

Daily admission 

Daily admission will include unlimited animal feedings at nine different animal encounter stations, a kangaroo walk-about, unlimited food and drink (including a new breakfast menu), a basic alcohol package, Tanganyika Fall Splash Park, playground access

  • $99.99 Mid-march through Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day through mid-November
  • $149.99 Memorial Day through Labor Day
  • 40% discount for locals living in Sedgwick, Butler, Harvey, and Sumner counties 
    • $59.99 Mid-march through Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day through mid-November
    • $89.99 Memorial Day through Labor Day
  • Experience and birthday package bundles are available 
  • Kids 2 and under and adults 90 plus get free access to Tanganyika 

Season passes

Tanganyika will still offer Season Passes; however, we’re working with our season pass holders to discuss options and ideas. Over June and July, we’ll host a series of Tanganyika Townhalls to gather feedback from our season pass holders. 

We don’t want to make decisions about what’s included or the costs until we’ve had a chance to hear from our pass holders. If you’d like to attend a town hall, please use the chat feature at the bottom right corner of this page to find out more details. 


Tanganyika is a unique venue for any couple looking to make their wedding memorable for all who attend. The Out Of Africa Wedding Package guarantees that your wedding will be one for the record books. We’ll do only 10 weddings/year, ensuring a unique and exclusive venue and being able to dedicate our time and attention to our guests. 

Corporate Events

Tanganyika is a great venue for your gathering from leadership retreats to company picnics. We can be as open or inclusive as you’d like regarding catering and other event needs. We have preferred vendors but also allow you to work with vendors of your choice. 

Companies who have chosen Tanganyika as a location for their event report increased attendance, rave employee reviews, and higher participation than other choices. 


Jr. ZooKeeper Summer Camp will continue for the 2025 season. We will continue to find ways to help our camp meet our Wildly Different goals. 100’s of campers each year are inspired to be stewards for wildlife.

Dining and Refreshments

Tanganyika will offer an inclusive grab-and-go package that will be included with all levels of admission, where all items on a grab-and-go station are available to take without needing to be rung up at a register. Stations will be strategically placed throughout the park outside the canteen, bar, perks booth, etc. Grab-and-go items will be stocked throughout the day at regular intervals. Grab-and-go items consist of:  

  • Small pretzels 
  • baked cookies
  • popcorn bags 

The premium meal package will be included in all admission levels, along with the Gold pass membership, and will consist of all food items in Tanganyika, not just the grab-and-go stations. Guests could eat all of their meals for the day at Tanganyika and not have to interrupt their fun to get food. This meal package includes breakfast, lunch, dessert, and afternoon snacks. Guests must have these items rung up at a register so they can have their meals made fresh. Grab-and-go items are available to tide over hungry children while they wait for their meals. 

Menu Items will be listed below: 

  • Breakfast: Juice Included with meals (Cranberry, Apple, or Orange) 
    • Entrees:  
      • Waffles
      • Eggs
      • Muffins
    • Sides:  
      • Toast
      • Sausage/bacon 
      • Fresh fruit 
  • Adult Entrees:  
    • Burgers
    • Grilled Chicken
    • Chicken Tenders 
    • Seasonal Salad 
  • Kid’s Meals: Includes Gogurt or applesauce. It will also include water or juice.  
    • Chicken Tenders
    • Grilled Cheese Sandwich 
    • PBJ Sandwich
  • Sides: 
    • Chips (Cheetos, Doritos, Sea Salt, BBQ) 
    • Grilled Vegetables
    • Fresh fruit- Seasonal  
    • Side Salad 
    • French Fries  
  • Desserts:  
    • Pies/Cakes 
    • Cookies/ Brownies 
    • Jello/ Pudding 

 Tanganyika will offer a tiered beverage package. The basic package is included with all admission levels, while the premium is available as an upgrade. 

The basic package will include: 

  • Fountain Drinks (this includes teas) 
  • Non-alcoholic frozen drink machines 
  • Mocktails 
  • Cocoa (Basic hot beverage) 

 The Premium Package will include: 

  • Coffee – Cold brew and hot coffee
  • Bubble Tea 
  • Chai Tea Latte 
  • Smoothies 

Tanganyika will also offer a tiered alcohol package. The basic package will be included in the cost of a guest’s admission, but the premium package will be available for purchase. 

The basic package will include: 

  • Bud light 
  • Busche Light 
  • Budweiser 
  • Michelob Ultra 
  • Coors Light 
  • Box Wines 

The Premium Package will include: 

  • Corona and Corona light 
  • Warbeard Irish Red 
  • Tap beers 
  • Cocktails 
  • Champagne service 
  • Wine service 

Guests are still welcome to bring their own food to picnic at the park. We have three covered eating areas where you can enjoy your lunch while still having a view of the animals. 

Enhancing Your Experience

Over the last five years, Tanganyika has added over 15 interactive animal experiences beyond the feeding encounters included in every visit. Locals and out-of-town visitors will still have the option of upgrading to include these experiences. You have four options to upgrade: 

  1. Al-a-carte – All of our experiences can be added to your admission al-a-carte. Add one, two, seven, or ten! Mix and match your favorite animals. Prices for experiences range from $10 to $200. 
  2. Birthday Package – This bundle includes a cabana rental, special birthday treats, and an animal ambassador visit to your cabana. It’s a great way to make the day extra special for your birthday guest of honor. 
  3. Best Day Package – This bundle includes admission and two experiences of your choice and is, as the name implies, the best way to experience Tanganyika.
  4. Ultimate Weekend – This three-day bundle includes three days of admission and every animal experience Tanganyika offers. 

What experiences do you have to choose from? 

  • Penguin Feeding Experience $10
  • Aldabra feeding Experience (coming in 2025) $TBD
  • Otter meet and greet $77
  • Sloth meet and greet $77
  • Rhino feeding adventure $77
  • Porcupine meet and greet $47
  • Owl monkey meet and greet $47
  • Penguin meet and greet $47
  • Red-ruffed lemur meet and greet $47
  • Carnivore meet and greet $77
  • Giraffe Safari Adventure $77
  • Big Cat Feeding Adventure $77
  • Penguin Swim $200
  • Other exclusive and seasonal experiences $47-$77

Additional Resources

We want to hear from you! Have additional questions about the upcoming changes? 

Fill out this form, and we’ll get back to you. 

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok for updates and specials. Our email list is also still the best way to stay in touch. You can join the list here: 


As Tanganyika Wildlife Park embarks on its journey towards becoming an all-inclusive destination in 2025, we’re thrilled to invite you to discover the wonders that await. With a renewed focus on providing unparalleled animal encounters and unforgettable experiences, we’re committed to creating lasting memories for every guest. 

And we’re just getting started. Beyond 2025, we’ll be adding features and expanding the park. Some of the additions will include: 

  • Unique areas in the park to relax and unwind between your feeding encounters and experiences
  • Cabanas that can be rented for the day to serve as your family basecamp 
  • New experiences and additional surprise animal ambassadors during the day 
  • Additional training demos and keeper talks 
  • New exhibits and future expansion plans that will be announced soon

We can’t wait to see you out at the park soon. Book your admission or get on the mailing list today. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is Tanganyika making this change?

Our mission is to help people disconnect from the digital world and connect with nature. This change allows us to provide more intimate and personal animal interactions, enhancing the overall experience. We also want to put Wichita on the map as a destination, which will boost Wichita’s tourism. 

How will these changes benefit visitors?

With our new pricing, guests can access unlimited animal interactions and refreshments, enhancing their overall experience. We’re just getting started on enhancements; we’re dedicated to continuously improving and expanding our offerings, ensuring every visit is memorable.

Can I still come on a weekend with my kids? 

We encourage you to plan your visits in advance. Limiting attendance will require people to reserve their visits before visiting the park. You’ll still be able to make day of reservations if we aren’t sold out. We do want you to start thinking of Tanganyika less as something to do on a weekend and more a special trip or staycation. 

How does the park support the local community?

We value our local community and strive to make the park accessible to everyone. As we transition to a wildlife day resort, we aim to offer exceptional experiences to all guests while ensuring the park’s long-term sustainability. We continue to provide discounts for local residents, donate tickets to benefit the Greater Wichita Area, and offer organizational passes to non-profits.

Has anything changed at the park recently?

While our core mission remains unchanged, we’ve significantly enhanced our offerings. These enhancements include unlimited food, drink, and animal feedings, revamped admission packages, and exclusive animal interactions. We’re committed to continuously improving the guest experience and have exciting plans for the future.

Why is the admission price higher compared to the zoo?

Tanganyika Wildlife Park offers a unique experience akin to resorts like Disney, Great Wolf Lodge, or Discovery Cove. Unlike traditional zoos, we provide interactive animal experiences and unforgettable memories. Our pricing reflects the distinctive nature of the park, ensuring every visit is special and memorable.

Why does admission seem expensive?

For many, Tanganyika is seen as an affordable vacation destination. We understand that for locals, that might not be what we’re compared to. Our pricing reflects the unique experiences available at Tanganyika Wildlife Park. We strive to provide exceptional value and unforgettable moments for our guests. Additionally, we have a guarantee: if you ever forget your experience, we’ll happily refund your admission.

Why have prices increased?

We’ve maintained low prices since 2020 while adding new attractions and experiences, like a splash park, exhibits, and animal encounters. However, like many, we’re facing inflation and increasing labor costs. We’ve adjusted our pricing model to support our team and continue improving sustainably.

What justifies the increased cost?

We’ve realized that our previous pricing model didn’t fully cover the value of our offerings, including animal feedings and the addition of unlimited food and drink. Comparatively, similar experiences at other zoos often charge extra for such amenities. Additionally, we’re committed to fair wages for our team, which is our largest expense.

What are the current admission prices, and how do they compare to previous costs?

Admission prices vary by season, with rates of $99/person in spring and fall and $149/person in summer. Local residents enjoy a 40% discount. With our new pricing model, admission includes unlimited food, drink, and a basic alcohol package. Our previous similar admission was $69.99 for a single-day plus pass. Locals now have unlimited options for less than the last single-day plus pass.

What enhancements are being made for the animals?

We’re committed to continuously improving the welfare of our animals through regular reviews and updates to our husbandry practices, exhibits, and overall care. In recent years, we’ve unveiled new bird exhibits, upgraded the snow leopard exhibit, and opened a new Aldabra tortoise exhibit. With the new admission model, we’ll also be implementing measures to better monitor and control the food intake of our animals during feeding encounters.

Is there any alteration to the ticket purchasing process?

Yes, guests must now reserve spots online or purchase tickets in advance. This adjustment allows us to manage staffing better and improve guest service by adequately planning for each visitor’s experience.

Are there any exceptions for those benefiting from the previous pricing model?

We understand the importance of loyalty and community support. As such, we’ll offer a locals discount to residents in specific area codes. Additionally, we’ll be reaching out to our dedicated TWP superfans, who have been season pass holders for multiple years, with special discounts and offers as a token of appreciation for their continued support.

What if I can’t afford it? 

Check with your local library and see if they have a Tanganyika Pass for check-out. Many of our local libraries do, and it’s a great opportunity to visit the park and see all we have to offer. Also, check out charity auctions. We donate over 1,000 tickets a year, and they are often auctioned off at affordable rates. 

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