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A Guide to 6 Winter Animal Activities at Tanganyika

As the leaves change and the temperatures cool, a different kind of adventure begins at Tanganyika Wildlife Park. While many may associate Tanganyika with summer fun, the park offers excitement all year round, including a variety of winter animal activities.

When Jim and Sheri Fouts founded Tanganyika in 1985, they created a breeding center dedicated to protecting and preserving rare and endangered species. This mission remains at the core of everything we do at Tanganyika, and our commitment doesn’t waver, even when there’s snow on the ground! Our dedicated care teams work 365 days a year to ensure the highest welfare for the animals in our stewardship, providing opportunities for unique winter animal activities all season long.

But even when it gets too nippy for a typical zoo visit, there is an adventure to be found at Tanganyika, including our winter animal activities. Reimagine gifting this Christmas with Winter Wildly Different Experiences. On Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays throughout the winter, our signature Wildly Different Experiences offer extraordinary encounters with our animal friends. Imagine hanging out with a sloth, chilling with a penguin, exchanging high-fives with a monkey, or having a lunch date with a rhino, all as part of engaging in winter animal activities. Our animal friends are excited to meet you and create memories that will last a lifetime. You can even combine multiple experiences for a truly exclusive animal adventure.

Looking for a gift that keeps on giving beyond the winter season? Consider a Tanganyika Season Pass. Instead of just 12 days of Christmas, offer an adventure-filled 2024. From winter animal activities to training demonstrations, the playground to the splash park, there’s no way to experience all that Tanganyika has to offer in just one day.

Owl Monkey Meet and Greet
Owl Monkey Meet and Greet in Doors

Our season passes were designed with one goal in mind: to give our biggest fans year-round access to the awe-inspiring and heartwarming adventures that Tanganyika has to offer. The holiday season is the best time to purchase a gold or silver season pass for the upcoming year. 

Not only will you secure your pass rate for the year ahead, but you’ll also enjoy incredible value and exclusive benefits. A season pass unlocks VIP treatment, unlimited visits, access to the splash park, exclusive perks, and more. 

Supporting the park during the winter season plays a crucial role in our ongoing conservation efforts. In this past year alone, our breeding programs achieved remarkable milestones—the successful addition of an Indian rhino, snow leopards, cheetah, bongo, giraffes, and the first-ever African lion cubs in the park’s history. Each of these newborns helps secure the future of their respective species, and we owe it all to your support.

Visit us at twpark.com today to plan your winter wildlife adventure and discover the perfect gift for the adventurer in your life. Embrace the wild and make this winter a season to remember with our enticing winter animal activities!


Where do zoo animals go in the winter?

Each of the hundreds of animals that live at Tanganyika has different needs that are considered when determining where do zoo animals go in the winter. A lot of zoo animals choose to go outside in the winter. Dens, heated rocks, and other exhibit features help them stay comfortable, even in the rain and snow. The park also has heated indoor exhibits that warm animals on cold winter days. 

Animal care and veterinary staff have curated temperature guidelines for each species, which are updated yearly. If temperatures drop too low, some animals at the zoo remain in their indoor spaces for their health and safety. Some are specific to each individual too. Baby animals or elderly animals may not be as hardy and require individualized care. This is one of the reasons that many animals in zoos live longer than their counterparts in range populations

 Some species also have other limitations, such as the impacts of wind or ice in their habitat, which may impact access. Our care and maintenance teams are constantly ensuring our animals are safe and comfortable. This includes checking the heaters and den boxes, pack-straw around den boxes, and adding wind blocks for some animals.

Our animals stay at the park year-round, as do our people. Another fact that usually surprises our guests: our dedicated care team is hard at work taking care of our animal family, even on Thanksgiving and Christmas! People can be shocked to hear this, but even though our gates aren’t open to the public, someone must take care of the animals daily. The park is quieter in the off-season without all the guests, but even in the dead of winter, the park is always alive with activity.

where do zoo animals go in the winter
Penguin meet and greet at Tanganyika

The park monitors the weather forecast for expected low temperatures and snowfall information. While the park isn’t open for regular viewing, you can embrace the magic of winter at Tanganyika Wildlife Park with our exciting lineup of winter animal activities. These special adventures occur in climate-controlled spaces, so both you and the animals are safe and comfortable. 

Dive into the chilly season with an Owl Monkey Meet and Greet, where you can interact with these charming creatures up close. Take a behind-the-scenes journey with our Sloths, discovering the enchanting world they call home. Take a walk on the wild side with the Rhino Feeding Adventure, where you’ll have the opportunity to connect with these majestic creatures. 

Explore the charming world of Penguins with a special Meet and Greet, and share unforgettable moments with the playful Ruffed Lemurs during their interactive session. This winter, Tanganyika Wildlife Park offers educational encounters and a fun-filled experience for everyone to enjoy the season with our incredible Winter Animal Activities!

Contact us here if you want to book your winter adventure with us!


Six Animal Activities at Tanganyika Zoo in Winter 

Tanganyika Wildlife Park stands out with its exceptional interactive experiences, allowing visitors to engage closely with diverse wildlife. The park’s innovative approach includes meet and greets with Owl Monkeys, behind-the-scenes encounters with Sloths, and interactive sessions with Rhinos, Penguins, Ruffed Lemurs, and Otters. It is recognized for its commitment to education and conservation. Tanganyika Wildlife Park was named the most interactive wildlife park in the Midwest.

As the temperatures drop, the park adjusts to become a zoo in winter. Amidst the crisp winter air, Tanganyika Wildlife Park becomes a hub of winter animal activities, each telling a story of survival and vibrancy against the season’s backdrop. Have you ever wondered where do zoo animals go in the winter? Schedule one of our winter animal activities and learn more about how our keepers care for our animals during the colder months at the Zoo in winter. 


  • Otter Meet and Greet Experience:


Explore the joy of our zoo in winter with a visit to our delightful otters! Engage in fun winter animal activities as you train, capture photos, and enjoy the playful antics of these adorable creatures. Discover where zoo animals go in the winter and enjoy the meet with the dose of cuteness; the Otter Meet and Greet Experience promises a delightful encounter with these lively creatures.


  • Owl Monkey Meet and Greet:


Meet Dexter, the adorable owl monkey known for his big, captivating eyes. These shy forest monkeys come alive at night, especially during winter animal activities at the zoo. Get up close, snap a pic with Dexter, join the fun as we train, and enjoy his playful winter antics.


  • Sloth Behind the Scene Experience:


Escape the fast pace and chill with our two-toed sloths at the zoo in winter. Join the sloth encounter for an up-close experience, photos, and the chance to touch and feed these relaxed creatures.


  • Rhino feeding Adventure:


Discover the wonders of our zoo in winter with 5 Southern white rhinos. Join us for winter animal activities, feed these gentle giants, and explore our newest barn. Engage with our friendly team for insights into rhino conservation and a day in the life of a zookeeper. Be sure to experience this winter animal activity with your family quickly.


  • Penguin meet and greet:


Dive into the excitement at our zoo in winter and join our playful penguins’ exclusive winter animal activities. Swim alongside them, touch, pose for photos, and enjoy a unique experience guided by our expert keeper. It’s the only place in the country where you can splash and swim with these charming birds! Discover where zoo animals go in winter with our penguin experience


  • Ruffed lemur meet and greet:


Experience the ultimate lemur encounter at our zoo in winter with thrilling winter animal activities! Dive into extra lemur time as you feed, touch, and train these beautiful primates. Capture the moment with a photo to cherish the unforgettable experience. Explore this excellent winter animal activity for children now !!


Book your memorable winter animal activities with Tanganyika.

Take the chance to create lasting memories with Tanganyika Wildlife Park’s incredible winter animal activities. Winter at Tanganyika is not just a season; it’s a magical time to witness the park’s commitment to conservation and education. With awards recognizing its dedication, Tanganyika Wildlife Park offers a unique blend of fun and learning. 

 zoo in winter
Rhino feeding Adventure

Don’t miss the chance to create lasting memories—reserve your spot for these special winter animal activities and make your visit extraordinary.

Experience the magic of winter with Tanganyika Wildlife Park by booking unforgettable animal activities. Delight in unique winter-themed encounters with Owl Monkeys, embark on behind-the-scenes adventures with Sloths and share heartwarming moments with Rhinos, Penguins, Ruffed Lemurs, and Otters. 

Tanganyika’s commitment to providing unique and educational experiences extends to the winter season, making it the perfect time to connect with wildlife in a magical setting. Secure your spot and create cherished memories with these exclusive winter animal activities at Tanganyika Wildlife Park.

Who Said Winter Can’t Be Wild? Discover Tanganyika Wildlife Park’s Winter Experiences

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