Feeding Lemur Experience at Tanganyika Wildlife Park

A Complete Guide to Tanganyika’s Zoo Tickets 

Tanganyika Wildlife Park is a park that has a lot to do, so don’t wait to get your zoo tickets. You can enjoy the park for a day or multiple times a year. You don’t want to miss what Tanganyika Wildlife Park has to offer! We’ll talk about: 

  • Everything you should know about Tangayika’s Wichita Zoo Prices
  • Single day zoo admissions
  • Season passes
  • Does Tanganyika offer zoo coupons or sales?
  • Tanganyika on a budget
  • How to make the most out of your Tanganyika zoo tickets 

Everything You Should Know About Tanganyika’s Wichita Zoo Prices

At Tanganyika Wildlife Park, there are plenty of zoo ticket options to make your day the wildest it can be! At this Wichita zoo prices are at an amazing price point for all you get in your passes. 

sloth encounter near me
Just hanging around!

Single day zoo admissions 

Are you a vacationer in the area and are looking for fun things to do in Wichita? Tanganyika Wildlife Park is the perfect place for you! We offer tons of experiences and exhibits for you to come enjoy and interact with. If you want to get zoo tickets for one day, not a problem we have different options for you to choose from. There are three options of Single day zoo Admissions: 

  • Best Day Bundle – With this pass you can enjoy a full day at the park with unlimited feedings, two animal experiences, Splash park access, Jungle gym access, free early entry with parking included, souvenir cup which include unlimited refills of fountain drinks and slushies from Luna’s Canteen, happy hour and much more. (value vs what they pay) 
  • Day Pass + Unlimited Feedings – Enjoy Tanganyika Wildlife park with this pass, it includes unlimited feedings, Splash park access, Jungle gym access, parking is included and you get free early entry, happy hour, and so much more. This pass is $59.99 for adults and $59.99 for children. 
  • Single Day Pass – You can spend the whole day at the park with 5 animal encounters, Splash park access, Jungle gym access, and parking included. This pass is $39.99 for adults and $34.99 for children and you can save $10 on your admission by visiting Monday through Thursday! 

Season Passes

Are you a Wichita local and want to visit the park multiple times with your grandkids when they come visits? Well, Season passes let you visit the park whenever you want and as many times as you want. You can experience unlimited visits, animal feedings, splash park, exclusive winter activities, celebrate your birthday there and so much more. When you visit the park you not only make your family happy but you help the conservation efforts going for these wonderful species. We offer three passes: the basic season pass, silver pass bundle, gold pass bundle. 

  • Basic Season Pass – Not only do you get to have a variety of park discounts, you also get unlimited visits all season while enjoying access to Tanganyika Falls splash park. The value of this package is going to be $99.99 (estimated value is $119)
  • Silver Pass Bundle This has advantages that the Basic Season Pass doesn’t have. It includes awesome perks like 4 extra one-time and admission passes, unlimited visits all season with Tanganyika Falls splash park access, animal feedings (5 per visit). 


You will get a complimentary free souvenir (bumper magnet), a variety of park discounts, 5 goat food coupons, bonus ($10 off experience) and we will print you a membership card. Not only can you enjoy the park during the summer with Wild Wednesdays, but you have an exclusive chance to participate in the winter activities as well. This wildly adventure filled pass is $97.99 (estimated value is $425)

  • Gold Pass Bundle – With this pass you are set for a year full of wild experiences! You don’t have to experience it by yourself with the guest pass (every visit, including feedings) and have access to early entry and Tanganyika Falls splash park. Your feeding adventures don’t have to be experienced once, you can feed a different animal every time you come back to visit us. 


You will get a complimentary free souvenir (T-shirt), welcome bag with extra goodies, 10 goats food coupons, free admission to ZAA zoos, a variety of park discounts, bonus ($100 gift card for experiences),Gold Pass Holder Kids Eat Free on Mondays and we will print you a membership card. Not only can you enjoy the park during the summer with Wild Wednesdays, but you have an exclusive chance to participate in the winter activities as well. This amazing bundle is $249.99 (estimated $940) 

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Does Tanganyika Offer Zoo Coupons or Sales? 

Tanganyika on a budget 

Although Tanganyika Wildlife Park does not offer Zoo coupons, we do recommend that you get your tickets online because you can save $5 by planning ahead! Zoo discounts are not offered but we do have discounts on tickets Monday through Thursday on Single Day Pass zoo tickets

Another way to save money at Tanganyika Wildlife Park is to come on Wednesdays! We have Wild Wednesdays at the park, they are offered during the summer and kids can get in for free! Simply go online and click the date you want to come during the summer and you will enter for free on the Wednesday that you selected. 

If you are planning on coming multiple times during the season we recommend you take a look at our season passes! There are multiple options for this wichita zoo prices, the most beneficial pass would be the Gold Pass Bundle which lets you bring in a guest each time you come to visit the park. Unlimited animal feeding, Splash Park access, a $100 gift card to use on experiences, exclusive winter access and activities, early entry, and so much more. This pass is estimated at a value of $940 but is available for purchase for only $249.99. 

Wichita water slides
Splash park at Tanganyika Wildlife Zoo

While going to the park is amazing, it can involve a lot of waiting around, other parties blocking the views, so many more inconveniences when the park is at full capacity. But what if we told you there were ways to avoid that? Yes, there are! If you come visit us on weekdays, afternoons, and during our Wild Wednesdays during the summer, these are when the park is at its quietest. So, what are you waiting for? Come join us on the low crowd days out of the year! 

Limited Time Sales

Although, we do not hold many sales and have Tanganyika discounts. We do hold Black Friday Sale and Season Pass Sale. 

Black Friday Sales is the biggest time out of the year for savings! Our amazing deals on the season passes is where you can get up to $700 worth of savings. 

  • The gold pass sells at $249.99 during the black friday sale instead of a value of $940
  • The silver pass sells at $97.99 during the black friday sale instead of a value of $425
  • The basic pass sells at $24.99 during the black friday sale instead of a value of $119 

During the month of March we hold a season pass sale as well where once again the passes are sold for an unbelievable discount price instead of their regular price. These prices are some of the best wichita zoo prices that you don’t want to miss!

How to Make the Most of Your Tanganyika Zoo Tickets

Tanganyika Wildlife Park is one of the most interactive zoos in the country. With over 15 animal experiences to choose from there is something for everyone in your family to do. There are so many different zoo tickets available at Tanganyika Wildlife Park and some of them have perks like bringing a guest along with you. So, don’t wait to check it out, today! 

Ideal Day at Tanganyika Wildlife Park Itinerary

  • Morning Adventures
    • Get to the park by 9:50 for Tanganyika Wildlife Park check-in and enter the park right at opening at 10 a.m. to get a park map 
    • Enjoy the Reticulated Giraffes right when you come in through the entrance 
    • Go to interactive stations to get a map and look for the upcoming demo times
  • Midday experiences 
    • Lunch time at Luna’s Canteen where you can get some chicken tenders and fries
    • Go feed the giraffes their lunch 
    • Stop by the monkey circle for some monkey business 
    • Enjoy the hippos nearby 
    • Look at some ads-on experiences such as the penguin feeding
  • Afternoon exploring 
    • Exclusive rhino feeding
    • Have some fun with kangaroo feeding
    • Go observe our small cat sections
    • Enjoy a break at the Splash park
    • Say a last goodbye to your friends the giraffes on the way out after stopping at our souvenir shop for some souvenirs. 
  • Evening Delight 
    • Get the family back in the car with their stomach full of Maple Street Pizza and watch them fall asleep after a good day of exploration at the Tanganyika Wildlife Park 

For more on Tanganyika Wildlife Park, read our blog and find the best zoo tickets for your family! 

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