A Behind-The-Scenes Look at Wildlife Encounters at Tanganyika

Join us as we take a closer look at Tanganyika’s immersive behind-the-scenes tours and unforgettable wildlife encounters, which offer a great opportunity to experience nature in a way you may never have thought possible.

Learn all about how our sanctuary is committed to the principles of conservation and education. These animal encounters will teach you about the importance and dedication to preserving endangered species and promoting awareness about the importance of wildlife preservation. Discover how every visit contributes to our mission of fostering a deep appreciation for the natural world.

During your wildlife encounters you’ll get the chance to assist in training, and interact up close with the animals. Our devoted team of animal caretakers are not only dedicated to providing exceptional care for our diverse range of animals but are also wholeheartedly passionate about sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm with our visitors.

 Tanganyika offers more than just captivating moments; it’s a sanctuary committed to the principles of conservation and education. Learn about our zoo’s dedication to preserving endangered species and promoting awareness about the importance of wildlife preservation. Discover how every visit contributes to our mission of fostering a deep appreciation for the natural world.

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A Behind the Scenes Look At Tanganyika’s Animal Experiences Near Me

Live near the Kansas region? If you’ve been searching for “animal experiences near me,” look no further! Tanganyika opens its doors to offer you a unique glimpse into the captivating world behind the exhibits. Forget passive observation—these are not your typical zoo encounters but rather immersive wildlife experiences with some of our most fascinating creatures. Here’s what each behind the scenes entails:

Otter Art Adventure- Watch our otter friends Shrimp, Wonton, and Wasabi put their amazing art skills to the test as they paint you the most adorable portrait with their small and delicate paws. Not only will you enjoy a fascinating art show, but you will also get to meet these brilliant artists up close and personal. You’ll even have the chance to shake their hand…or paw. This behind-the-scenes experience is perfect for children ages 3 years and up.

Giraffe Safari Adventure- A safari tour in Kansas? Yes, that’s right. Tanganyika offers you a behind-the-scenes look at our fascinating African/Asian barn, featuring our beautiful herd of giraffes that you can interact with up close and personal. During your tour, you might see our fascinating Bongo, an Okapi, and maybe even a Red River Hog or a Rhino. This experience is perfect for ages 3 and up.

Rhino Feeding AdventureSpeaking of Rhinos, get ready to explore the fascinating life of our amazing Southern White Rhinos. Our behind the scenes Rhino Feeding adventure will give you the chance to feed and touch these giant creatures. Our expert trainers will give you the insight on what you should know about the importance of conserving this vulnerable species and also answer any questions you might have. This experience is for children ages 3 and up. 

Big Cat Feeding Adventure- Get ready for a roaring adventure with behind-the-scenes access to the Big Cat Feeding Adventure. Explore the amazing world of our fascinating lions and Amur leopards. During your big cat behind-the-scenes experience, you’ll have the extraordinary chance to get up close with our lion pride and even participate in feeding them!

During this tour, you’ll also have the opportunity to observe the magnificent Amur Leopard, the most endangered big cat in the world. Our knowledgeable staff will offer insightful information about this incredible species and answer any questions you might have. This experience is perfect for children 8 and older.

Sloth Experience Get ready to take it nice and slow at the sloth enclosure for a rare opportunity to meet these gentle creatures up close. During your behind-the-scenes experience, you’ll have the chance to feed them, touch them, and capture unforgettable photos. Meet our sweet sloth friend, Chewy, and the rest of our sloth crew. Throughout the experience, you’ll learn fascinating facts, and our trainers will answer any questions you might have about sloths. This experience is available for children ages 3 and up.

So, skip the generic zoo trips and embark on unforgettable behind-the-scenes experiences at Tanganyika. These exclusive opportunities offer a chance to connect with animals like never before, leaving you with memories (and maybe even pictures) that will last a lifetime. Join us for a journey into the heart of nature and make every encounter count.


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ruffed lemur jump

A Look at the Animal Encounters at Tanganyika

Get ready for wildlife adventures at Tanganyika, where you’ll have an amazing time. After exploring behind-the-scenes animal experiences, let’s focus on a couple of our special wildlife encounters. 

Otter Encounter– Let’s dive into the lively world of otters at Tanganyika Wildlife Park. Here, you’re not just watching; you’re invited to help train these fascinating creatures. These training sessions will provide the opportunity to see the world through the eyes of our trainers.

During your encounter, you’ll have the opportunity to play with them, take photos as they sit on your lap, and learn about our otter friends: Wasabi, Wonton, and Shrimp. Engaging with otters in this unique setting provides you with an up-close experience that many wildlife encounters within the United States don’t typically offer.

Penguin Meet and Greet- Discover the unexpected joy of meeting a penguin right here in Kansas at Tanganyika! Dive into an unforgettable penguin meet-and-greet experience where you can interact up close with one of our charming penguins.

The penguin meet and greet animal encounters are the perfect opportunity to touch them, snap photos together, and enjoy a playful session. Our knowledgeable trainers will also educate you about our conservation efforts, particularly our penguin breeding program, and they’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Red Ruffed Lemur Meet and Greet- Get ready for a wild adventure with our charismatic red-ruffed lemurs at Tanganyika! During this unique experience, you’ll interact closely with a red-ruffed lemur. You’ll get the opportunity to touch them, take photos together, even have them walk across your back, and feed them.

Throughout this animal experience our Tanganyika trainers will provide captivating insights about our red-ruffed lemurs. Discover the fascinating details about these rare and endangered species, and their vital role in the wild.

Carnivore Meet and Greet- Step into the wild side with Tanganyika’s small carnivore meet and greet. During your visit, you’ll meet one of Tanganyika’s small carnivore ambassadors. Whether it’s a captivating feline or a Bat Eared Fox, you’ll observe them up close and even interact. 

Take photos with them and assist Tanganyika keepers during a training session. Our trainers will delight you with fascinating facts and insights about these incredible creatures. Feel free to ask any questions and prepare to become a carnivore enthusiast by the end of your visit.

Owl Monkey Meet and Greet- Meet Dexter, the charming owl monkey. These small forest monkeys are usually active during the night. During this exclusive meet and greet, you’ll have the rare opportunity to get up close to Dexter, participate in training him, capture multiple photos with him, and witness his curious and playful ways. 

Feel free to ask our trainers questions and learn more about Dexter. We know it’s hard to stay quiet with so much excitement all around, but we do ask that you please keep in mind that loud noises can startle him. 

Porcupine Meet and Greet- Join our fascinating Porcupine friend Quilliam on a unique adventure during our exclusive Porcupine Meet and Greet. Get ready to get up close and personal with this amazing creature. You’ll have the chance to take photos, give him a high five and see him perform some impressive porcupine tricks!

This experience promises to be a highlight for everyone, creating cherished and unique memories that will last a lifetime. Come meet Quilliam and discover the wonder of porcupines like never before!

Experience Unforgettable Wildlife Encounters With Tanganyika

In summary, we’ve explored Tanganyika’s unique wildlife encounters and our fascinating behind-the-scenes experiences. We aim to ensure that our commitment to wildlife encounters extends beyond entertainment, emphasizing education and conservation. This ensures a sustainable and thriving future for these incredible species, allowing these amazing animal encounters to continue.

Whether you’re seeking animal encounters near you, unique experiences, or simply want to immerse yourself in the marvels of the animal kingdom, Tanganyika Wildlife Park is your destination for creating lasting memories. Join us on this extraordinary journey where wildlife encounters provide the most educational and inspiring adventures, leaving you with a newfound appreciation for the beauty and diversity of our planet.


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