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5 Reasons to Host Your Next Business Event at Tanganyika

Corporate Venue with a View: Organize Your Wichita Event with Wildlife

What should you expect from the best event venue in Kansas? An unforgettable experience at Tanganyika Wildlife Park. Exotic animals, lush landscapes, and beautiful backdrops will forever elevate your next business meeting or company event.

At Tanganyika Wildlife Park, you will find more than a reception room and some food—an event with us is an experience to set apart your next business event as more than a walk through the zoo. Blow expectations out of the water in one of our indoor venues that your guests will remember for a lifetime.

Consider the following reasons for why our clients have chosen us as the best event space for rent in Wichita, Kansas:

Customizable Corporate Packages and a Unique Venue

Clients come to us to host business events in a unique location for memorable experiences. As a prospective client, this means you can craft your event with the utmost freedom, coupled with our vast experience in the field as a formidable creative resource.

All our corporate event packages boast a high level of flexibility, so we can adjust to your needs and lend our expertise.

A Touch of the Exotic for Business Events

At Tanganyika Wildlife Park, we host and care for some of the rarest animal species in the world. Paired with our vast event planning experience, this setting allows us to connect you with the captivating wildlife within a safe and memorable platform.

Depending on the situation surrounding your event, some of your guests may even be able to enjoy direct and supervised contact with our wildlife residents. Our experienced professionals help educate visitors on important information regarding these beautiful animals, ongoing conservation efforts, and species protection.

Your Business Gives Back: Charity, Venue, Events, all in one. 

One of our passions at Tanganyika Wildlife Park lies in connecting people to nature in powerful and lasting experiences. Many prospective clients do not realize that their business is directly responsible for helping us care for and preserve these creatures that we have the privilege of hosting.

Our events represent a win-win situation for all parties involved—clients build powerful impressions with the best event venue in Kansas, and our animals flourish under the attentive care of our wildlife experts.

A History of Success: Add Wildlife to your next corporate outing

The easiest way to see why we’re the best event venue in Kansas is to peruse our previous clients’ experiences and reviews. We welcome all feedback and look forward to hearing about your next event idea.

The success of the Tanganyika Wildlife Park lies wholly in our commitment, whether it is accomplishing what our clients want or caring for our animal residents. Our event specialists stand alongside clients to work out the details and run every event smoothly. The best way to start is with a 15-minute call with one of our highly experienced event specialists.

Do you want to secure the best event venue in Kansas for your next party? Transport your guests to a beautifully unique space with your next business event or meeting.

Book a time to chat with us here and find out why Tanganyika Wildlife Park is such a memorable location.

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