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10 Must-See Attractions at a Kansas Wildlife Park for Animal Lovers

Tanganyika Wildlife Park, located in Kansas, is a renowned conservation facility dedicated to preserving endangered species and educating the public about wildlife. Home to a diverse array of animals, including rare and endangered species, the Kansas wildlife park focuses on immersive, interactive experiences for visitors. 

Through their conservation efforts, they raise awareness about wildlife conservation, fund research initiatives, and actively contribute to global conservation programs. Tanganyika Wildlife Park is vital in safeguarding endangered species and fostering a deeper understanding of the natural world.

Top 10 Attractions at This Wichita Wildlife Park

Discover the wonders of Tanganyika Wildlife Park, known as the most interactive zoo in the midwest. Tanganyika stands out from other Wichita Wildlife Park’s with its unique, engaging, hands-on encounters that elevate it above conventional zoos. Here’s a curated list of the top ten attractions that are essential visits at this Kansas wildlife park:

1. Giraffe Feeding Adventure.

Get up close and personal with our Giraffe Feeding Adventure. Experience a rare chance to interact with these gentle giants.But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Along the way, you’ll meet even more fascinating creatures sharing the barn – from playful red river hogs to majestic rhinos and elusive okapi.

What makes this at Wichita wildlife park truly special? It’s not just about the animals; it’s about the people. Our friendly keepers are here to share their knowledge and stories, answer all your questions, and add a personal touch to your animal encounter.Discover an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour with our giraffes and other incredible animals. Secure your tickets now for a unique experience at this Kansas wildlife park.

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2. Swim with Penguins


Tanganyika Wildlife Park offers the unique experience of swimming with penguins. The Penguin Swim experience is not just an attraction; it’s a chance to learn, interact, and deeply connect with these incredible penguins. This is just one example of how we go beyond the ordinary petting zoo – creating unique, immersive encounters that leave a lasting impact. 

These facinating creatures are critically  endangered due to habitat loss and environmental challenges. Tanganyika plays a big role when it comes to penguin conservation, they have given a generous amount to penguin conservation trusts like Dyer Island and make it their goal to educate visitors on the importance of penguin conservation.

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3. Lemur Island

Discover the fascinating world of lemurs and their unique communication techniques. These incredible creatures use their tails to spread their scent and communicate with each other, creating their own aromatic language.


 Join us on Lemur Island for an unforgettable experience. Meet these captivating creatures with big eyes and bushy tails, and capture memories with photos during your next adventure.

Feeding Lemur Experience at Tanganyika Wildlife Park
Feeding Lemur Experience at Tanganyika Wildlife Park

4. Otter Encounter

 Tanganyika’s Kansas wildlife park is home to our sweet, Asian Small-Clawed Otter friends named Shrimp, Wonton, and Wasabi. They are located at Tanganyika’s Trouble Makers Cove. Discover their mischievous and hilarious personalities, all in this interactive experience. Our knowledgeable trainer will share fun facts, answer questions, and guide you in training sessions and playful activities. This encounter is perfect for individuals, pairs, or families. This experience is unforgettable and makes for a great story to tell your friends and families, so make sure to take plenty of pictures.

5. Indian Rhino Exhibit

The Rhino Feeding Experience at Tanganyika allows you to come face-to-face with the awe-inspiring, greater, one-horned rhinoceroses, Monica and Marjon (MJ). Stand inches away, and get to feed them. Beyond the unique connection, discover the vital conservation work we do here. Learn how you can actively contribute to safeguarding these incredible creatures. A visit to our Indian rhino exhibit isn’t just your regular zoo trip. It’s a personal journey, fostering a profound love for these animals and a commitment to animal conservation efforts. Join us and make a difference, one rhino at a time.

6.  Feed Lorikeets

At this Wichita wildlife park, you also get to experience the joy of connecting with lorikeets. Walk into their world, feed them nectar from your hand, and feel the soft flutter of their feathers. It’s a magical, hands-on encounter where you become part of their vibrant universe. Let the laughter of these playful birds create unforgettable memories, making your visit truly special and personal. 5 feeding stations are included with your All-Day Admission Pass, and Unlimited Feedings are included with your Unlimited Pass.

7.  Leopard Encounter

Encounter with snow leopards at this Kansas wildlife park. Only in October and November can you witness exclusive training sessions and delve into the world of these incredible creatures; you can even feed a snow leopard yourself. Don’t miss this unique opportunity – make your fall unforgettable with a visit to Tanganyika, where you will meet the critically endangered amur leopard on the tour.

8. Sloth Exhibit

Prepare for a heartwarming experience at our sloth exhibit – your visit promises smiles and unforgettable moments. Marvel at their unhurried pace and gaze into those sweet faces up close. Dive deeper into their world with our exclusive sloth meet-and-greet, where you’ll gain a profound understanding of these fascinating creatures. Make your summer memorable with a trip to our wildlife park. Now is your chance to check off that sloth encounter from your bucket list.

9. Tanganyika Falls Splash Park

Discover the excitement of Tanganyika Falls Splash Park, a thrilling addition to our animal haven in Goddard, KS. Nestled at the heart of the park, it offers thrilling water slides and a secure playground for kids. Parents can relax in private cabanas while their little ones play. It’s the perfect spot for families and individuals seeking a refreshing break during the scorching summer. Dive in and make some unforgettable memories.

10. Big Cat Feeding Adventure

Embark on an exclusive adventure with our Behind the Scenes Tour at this Kansas wildlife park, where it all began. Meet the majestic lions and Amur leopards up close. You will also get a chance to feed these amazing creatures. In just 1 hour, immerse yourself in the incredible journey of how Tanganyika became a global breeding success and a top destination in the state.

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How to Prepare for a Trip to a Wildlife Park Near Me 

Exploring the zoo offers an enriching adventure for all ages, blending entertainment with education. Maximize your zoo adventure with these handy tips:

  • Strategic Planning: Plan ahead and search a wildlife park near me that houses your favorite animals for an enriching experience. Opt for reputable, accredited facilities ensuring diverse and well-cared-for animals aligning with your interests.
  • Beat the Crowds: Visit on weekdays and opt for cooler hours to avoid crowds and scorching heat.
  • Dress Smart: Wear weather-appropriate attire, slap on sunscreen, and carry water and snacks for a comfortable trip.
  • Save Money: Purchase tickets in advance and use the park map to navigate Wichita’s wildlife park efficiently.
  • Educational Sessions: Attend keeper talks and demonstrations to deepen your understanding of the animal kingdom.
  • Respectful Exploration: Treat the animals’ habitats with respect, observe their behavior, and marvel at their natural splendor.
  • Enjoy Every Moment: Most importantly, have a blast. Immerse yourself in the wonders of the Kansas wildlife park, and treasure every moment of your journey.

Get Your Tickets to an Unforgettable Kansas Wildlife Park Experience

Grab your tickets for an unforgettable family adventure at our Kansas wildlife park. It’s more than just a day out or a visit; it’s a chance to create lasting memories while supporting local conservation efforts. 

You can interact closely with exotic animals, participate in educational programs, and engage in behind-the-scenes adventures, fostering a deep connection with wildlife. With our Ultimate Weekend deal, you’ll embark on a guided tour of our animal care facilities, feed incredible creatures, and dive deep into their diets and behaviors.

There is so much more to do here at this Wichita Wildlife Park. For more on how to  plan your next wild adventure,stay updated with our  blogs and take your summer to the next level.

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