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Experience the Thrill of Feeding one of the World’s Largest Big Cats – The African Lion! Embark on an off-road adventure starting from our original barn, where you’ll encounter a variety of fascinating animals who live behind the scenes. Discover the captivating history of Tanganyika and its evolution into a renowned center for the preservation of rare and endangered species. Brace yourself for a unique opportunity to get up-close and personal with our off-exhibit Lion pride and even feed them!
But that’s not all! On this tour, you’ll also get to see the magnificent Amur Leopard, the most endangered big cat in the world. Our knowledgeable staff will provide insightful information about this incredible species and share the inspiring story of our Amur Leopard.
Explore our highly successful endangered carnivore breeding programs and discover the fascinating stories behind each species. This tour is tailored for true adventurers who seek the road less traveled. Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes as you navigate our off-road paths – after all, you never know where this adventure might take you.

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I highly recommend this tour, if you're debating whether to do it or not, debate no more. Just do it.

Conservation Corner

You’ll meet the most endangered big cat in the world while on this tour. The Amur leopard is found along the border of Russia and China and there are believed to be less than 50 left in their native range. You can help by supporting facilities who are actively breeding Amur leopards and helping to preserve the population.