Red-Ruffed Lemur Meet & Greet

Love lemurs? This experience gets you up close and personal with the world's largest pollinator and a critically endangered species. Enjoy this lemur encounter with your lemur lovers.


What to Expect

During this unforgettable experience, you’ll interact with a re-ruffed lemur by touching them, taking your photo with them, having them walk across your back, feeding them, and much more!

During this exotic animal encounter, Tanganyika trainers will tell you all about the park’s resident red-ruffed lemurs. You’ll discover some fascinating facts about these rare and endangered species.

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Tips to Know

  • 8 people maximum
  • Minimum age 3
  • Anyone under 16 must be accompanied by a paying adult
  • Please plan on staying seated during the experience
  • The experience lasts approximately 30 minutes
  • Bring a camera! Photos are allowed.
  • Testimonials from Our Visitors

    A Day in the Red-Ruffed Lemur Meet & Greet


    What an amazing experience! My kids and I had such a blast on our lemur meet and greet. We enjoyed meeting Emerald and learning about her. This was the perfect gift for my daughter’s birthday.

    Sarah Nelson

    My mom, sister and I had a great time. We did the otter experience and found it informative and very enjoyable. The staff was AMZING. Lemurs are also my favorite animals and got to feed them. We had a wonderful time.

    Ashley Giebler

    Our favorite interaction /feeding was the lemurs. That is incredibly wonderful. They bring your group into the lemur habitat, you sit down and they’ll even take pictures for you. The lemurs climb on you and sit in your lap. Highly recommended!!

    Lori Gioso

    Conservation Corner: Red-Ruffed Lemur

    Lemurs are critically endangered and their biggest threat is habitat loss. The best way to help lemurs from here in Kansas is to support conservation organizations like Eden Reforestation. Eden works with locals in Madagascar to plant and grow trees in the rainforest of Madagascar. In addition by supporting the park today you’re helping to support our breeding program here which will help maintain a viable genetic population of animals in zoos. Lastly, support pollinators like red-ruffed lemurs here in the United States by planting a pollinator garden. Check out our gift shop for pollinator plants and seed packets.