Pride in the Making: Lion Cub Tour

Leap into the heart of the pride with our exclusive Lion Cub Tour! This behind-the-scenes adventure offers you the thrilling opportunity to witness our three charming baby lion cubs up close and personal!!


What to Expect

Venture behind the scenes to our off-exhibit lion breeding complex and observe the captivating moments as they play together, share tender nurturing times with their mom, and have a blast exploring their enrichment toys. You’ll come face-to-whiskers with our new lion pride members: the adorable new lion cubs, all under the guidance of one of our experienced keepers who will share the fascinating ins and outs of raising a lion pride.

Nestled away in their private oasis, our lions lead a life out of the public eye. This exclusive Lion Cub Tour is your one-of-a-kind passport to step into their world and see our delightful cubs. But hurry, our lion cubs are growing quickly, and this exclusive tour will only be available for a limited time!

*Children must be 8 years or older; 10 person maximum

**Children under 16 must have a paid adult participant with them**

For a limited time—only available in April!

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Tips to Know

  • Contend Needed
  • Testimonials from Our Visitors

    A Day in the Pride in the Making: Lion Cub Tour


    This was a wonderful experience. Well worth the eight hour drive to get there. We met wild cats. Had an encounter with Dexter the owl monkey. We fed penguins, bunnies, tortoises, goats and kangaroos. We also got to pet those same animals. My kids danced in the water play area. To top off the day we went swimming with penguins; a dream come true for two of my kids. The best zoo we have ever been to. The animals are definitely well taken care of. Their wants and needs are at the top of the list for what happens at any time.

    Kelly Kasper

    I’m very happy with our visit, we arrived around 130 pm and stayed until closing. The staff members were very polite, and professional and smiled. I appreciate the interaction they displayed with my 2 and 6-year-olds.
    The very simple gesture of talking to my children and asking how their day is going makes the experience even better.
    The zoo is clean and very easy to navigate. I enjoyed our visit and will return.

    Pedro Gonzalez

    I went to Tanganika with my daughter and grandson and it was an awesome experience! It was so fun to interact with the animals and be able to feed them. The baby goats were so adorable! The staff were very helpful in assisting with scooters. Thank you for an awesome day of making memories!

    Diane Beggs

    Conservation Corner: Contend Needed

    Contend Needed