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Bongo Behind-The-Scenes

Go behind the scenes with our critically endangered Mountain Bongo.


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What to Expect

Come spend some time behind the scenes with us this summer and meet your new favorite animal – the critically endangered Eastern Mountain bongo! You may haven’t heard of them yet, but this herd will be so excited to meet you! These gentle forest antelopes will steal a piece of your heart while you’re feeding them pieces of lettuce. You’ll also get to help with a training session and they’ll create a painting that you get to take home! Hang out with our expert keepers to learn about these unreal ungulates!

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Tips to Know

  • Only available June through August!
  • 6 people maximum
  • Ages 3 and up
  • Anyone under 16 must be accompanied by a paying adult
  • We recommend wearing close-toed shoes
  • The experience lasts approximately 30 minutes
  • Sorry, no photos behind-the-scenes.
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    Being so close to these adorable animals was a magical experience. They are incredibly cute and have quickly become my new favorite!

    I might be biased as a keeper but bongos are my favorite animals and this experience is hands-down the best. – LynnLee

    Great fun for everyone! Clean and well thought out. The kids loved feeding the animals and seeing them up close and even getting to touch some of them. The parents loved that it was just the right size. Something to see at every turn. The Splash/water park was a hit. It was a nice break from the heat and a chance to eat lunch before finishing up. I would recommend it to everyone. – Julie Dervin

    Conservation Corner: Eastern Mountain Bongo

    Critically Endangered Eastern Mountain Bongos, native to the forests of Africa, are losing their natural habitats due to mining for coltan, a mineral found in most electronics. You can help protect Bongos and other species native to African rainforests by recycling old electronics and reducing the demand for new coltan.