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We love keeping you up-to date on park events and updates, animal news and growth, getting to know our trainers, and anything else we can do to welcome you into our Family at Tanganyika Wildlife Park.


Okapi Behind-the-Scenes

Which animal at the Park is the closest living relative to the giraffe, has zebra stripes on its hind end, and has velvety oily fur? If you said the okapi, you’d bet your ossicones that you’re right! Learn more about this animal experience!

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Pygmy Hippo Art Adventure

Participate in the only Pygmy Hippo Encounter in the United States! Go behind-the-scenes to visit our very own pygmy hippo family, starring the endearing Latke, our newest baby hippo. Have the opportunity to feed one of our hippos (did you know they have secrete a built-in sunscreen?), participate in a training session with a keeper, and watch as one of the hippos crafts a nose print painting that you can take home.

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Swim with the Penguins

If you’ve ever watched our penguins paddle around Troublemaker’s Cove and thought “I wish that was me”, this is your chance! Get in the water with a few of our feathered friends and our expert keeper will help you touch, pose for photos, and play with our penguins! The only place in the country where you can swim with penguins.

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Big Cat Feeding Adventure

Experience the Thrill of Feeding one of the World’s Largest Big Cats – The African Lion! Embark on an off-road adventure starting from our original barn, where you’ll encounter a variety of fascinating animals who live behind the scenes.

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Pride in the Making: Lion Cub Tour

Leap into the heart of the pride with our exclusive Lion Cub Tour! This behind-the-scenes adventure offers you the thrilling opportunity to witness our three charming baby lion cubs up close and personal!!

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Giraffe Safari Adventure

Join a keeper on an adventurous tour through our African/Asian barn. You’ll have the rare opportunity to meet our giraffe herd up-close and interact with them.

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Penguin Feeding Experience

Meet us in trouble maker’s cove and hand-feed our African Penguins! Each guest will receive two fish and give them to our penguins on the other side of a short fence, say cheese and pose for a picture!

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